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Introducing The Wet Shaving Talk Podcast!

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Its Monday January 30, 2017 I’m your host Joe, and you’re listening to the Wet Shaving Talk Podcast!
Today on the Show:

  • Allow me to introduce myself
  • Discussion of the Week:  “Getting Started…What to do??)
  • Training Tip of the Week: Choosing the right shaving brush”
  • Vendor of the Week: Shannon’s Soaps!!
  • What’s Coming Up!

Click/Tap HERE for the podcast!

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

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