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Ingrown Hairs

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Thanks so much for your informative videos! They have inspired me to shave properly, with shave cream, a badger brush and a DE razor. Now I am thoroughly enjoying what used to be a chore. I recently purchased a Merkur Futur, which is has been a great experience. I wonder though, how do I stop ingrown hairs? My neck area is sensitive and even following your careful instruction, lathering properly, whenever I shave “against the grain” I get ingrowns. Am I not shaving properly? or is my shaving angle wrong?Any tips you have would be appreciated!!

There are several things you can try to deal with ingrown hairs. First, prevention. Dial the Futur down when shaving your neck, reducing your beard a little more slowly in that area. You need to be sure the area is clean of lather residue–rinse very well with hot water instead of cold after your last pass. For additional cleansing try soaking a cotton pad with Witch Hazel, a hydrosol, or even a non-alcholic aftershave “splash” and wiping down the area, rinsing with tepid water afterward. Then re-apply the splash or use a light aftershave balm. Avoid heavy aftershave balms.

If you get an ingrown anyway, some people have gotten excellent results by using a soft (dry) toothbrush on the area just before going to bed: it exfoliates the skin just enough to expose the ingrown through the skin so it grows back out (I’ve tried this myself and it works great for me!). If its more serious it might be time to investigate a product like Tend Skin (or a DIY alternative of a crushed plain aspirin tablet and a few drops of water. Apply to the area and let it sit for five minutes, then wash it off).


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  1. Not related to 'ingrown hairs' still trying to find my way around your site, say a comment button and here i am. I was talking to a co-worker and he said his father use to use a water glass or drinking glass to strop or sharpen a DE blade to get a much longer life out of it? I have also seen 1940 'stroppers' that look like a old school pencil sharpener. have you any information on weather or not these will work? or a better modern method to prolong the life of a DE blade? Not that I am cheap, were talking cents a blade, but more on a Green thinking level.

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