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I’ve been doing some research prep for a video about “new” razor designs, such as Classic Shaving’s Cobra Classic, the Goodfella razor, and Ikon’s razors (I’m toying with the idea of including the Pils and Feather All-Stainless razors as well but haven’t decided yet).  I happened to receive the Ikon razor yesterday at work and mentioned it on Twitter.  Some of my Twitter followers (“tweeps”) wanted to see a pic of the razor; instead I whipped out an old webcam and made a short video of it.
I had my first shave with it this morning.  From a construction/manufacturing standpoint this is a very high-quality razor: heavy, well-designed, excellent “fit & finish.”  The shave was very good: Ikon razors (and open-comb razors in general) have a reputation of being aggressive but I didn’t think it was that extreme (maybe my expectations were biased by forum postings).
Anyway, its shaping up to be an interesting video.


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14 thoughts on “Ikon”

  1. I have an Ikon Bamboo duel head. It is a quality piece of work. However, I do wish the OC side was just a touch more aggressive. I will probably cave in and get one of their slants when they come out…dadgum RAD!

  2. I personally own 4 Ikon razors and a new Tradere open comb as well as the Feather. I scrutinized and convinced myself that all of these had a place in my shaving arsenal. I am not at all discouraged as I have a plethora of choices for every day in the week. My new desire, and if Greg obliges; is the new proposed in 2013, Ikon slant. My Merker slant is the only slant that I own and is the only razor I know of that adequately saves my throat area without using the twist and curl technique. Slant open-comb razors albeit not for the neophyte, work well for me. If my Merkur slant was totally stainless and up to Ikon Greg’s standard of manufacture, this would probably be my sole razor. The Red Israeli and Blue Personna blades are great. A thrice used Feather blade would be a great choice as well. The Feathers are too sharp as a virgin use in a slant IMHO. Ted

  3. I have the early Old Type Ball End iKON razor.
    If I had to pick 1 razor this would be my choice.
    Mean mouth the man all you want.
    The fact remains,he makes a damn good razor.

  4. Greg from ikon is a US ex-pat and VERY talented machinist! His family hails from the North East Pennsylvania area. Kudos to him for finding a market and filling it! In the All American tradition of self- reliance. The Gillettes of the world have chosen profit and plastic junk over timeless quality and craftsmanship. I will support the industrious little guy every time with my dollars.

  5. I have been shaving with the Ikon for the 4 months and love it! I got the bar and OC head, bull dog handle. I love this razor so much that I have sold off my old DE's. I am not a collector just enjoy the DE shave. I am hoping that Ikon comes up with a slant head in SS.


  6. You could've mentioned that Ikon's core business is copying other companys' designs, making money from other peoples' work.

    All in all, Ikon is your slightly above average asian backyard counterfeiting company that destroys jobs in our own countries.

    Therefor, Ikon is a fail.

  7. Uh oh, Mantic, you'll be banned from B&B soon. Which will be interesting because they tell every newbie to watch your videos….

  8. Without any doubt one of the very best DE razors available today. Best shaves, smooth and very comfortable, especially with DE razor blades known for their sharpness, such as Feather, Kai, Astra Superior Platinum…

    I prefer the ASP over the others, perfect shaves EVERY time. I strongly recommend the iKon Bulldog OC, as it is the ultimate DE razor for me, being nearly indestructable und durable for many decades. GO FOR IT! GET ONE!

  9. I've had my OC Bulldog for 2 weeks and love it! I got the standard head along with it, but it's too mild for me. I prefer the Open Comb. Awesome Razor!!!

  10. Forget any argument about copy! This razor is really great……offers smoothest BBS. Never had a better one before. Important: use very sharp blades like ASTRA Superior Platinum or Feather to achieve best performance.

  11. The Ikon I ordered came just over a week ago and it gave me a fantastic shave. It's beautifully made, just the right weight and agressiveness. Totally a different fish to the Goodfella razor, which I sent back for a refund, the shave was way too mild and I don't have a very tough beard. What a shame "Anonymous" wasn't brave enough to put a name when dissing someone !!

  12. Ordered one a while back, brushed stainless with a bar. Using a medical prep personna blade, it gives great shaves and has a smooth style that is easy to love. Questionable my a**.

  13. Ikon Razors is a questionable producer. The Gilette NT copy in stainless steel is a perfect innovation. But the pils copy? And to tell around, that he have reversed engenered the Pils.


  14. Loved the video! Keep up the good work; you've taught me (& others I suspect) so much about DE shaving. One thing I'm appreciating is the truism of YMMV. While the Ikon design is very appealing, I was disappointed with my only experience to date with an open-comb razor (GoodFellas). Didn't find it at all aggressive enough for my coarse, heavy beard. But that may be just me!

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