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How To Shave With A Single-Blade Razor

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This is a refresh/re-edit of my two-part single-blade shaving videos. Hopefully its a little more clear; I also addressed some issues some people raised after viewing the originals.


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3 thoughts on “How To Shave With A Single-Blade Razor”

  1. Secret Guide to Shaving

    I was always cutting myself when I first started. I tried a little bit of olive oil on the skin and haven't had the issue since.

  2. Hi Mickey– There are a number of possibilities; its hard to pin down based on your comment. You may have not prepared your face enough before the shave (lots of hot water), you may have not lathered your face for a long enough time (*at least* 30 seconds–a minute or longer is better), you may have had a dull blade, or you may have been holding the razor with just a bit too much angle. Next time it happens try either “following through” on the stroke (not pressing down but using a little more force to move the razor “forward”) or using shorter strokes.

    Since you say its only happens “sometimes” I suspect its just a bit of technique that needs refining.

  3. Mantic, Thanks for the great videos! You inspired me to try shaving with a DE. I’m still developing my technique, but I’m pleased with the results I’ve achieved so far. I do have a question, however, regarding something that has happened to me once or twice. My razor is a Merkur HD, and I try to let the razor’s weight do the work rather than putting pressure on it. I find, however, that sometimes the razor will seem to “skip” along my face rather than slide smoothly. It’s almost as if the razor is dragging a bit. What could be the cause of this? Perhaps improperly mixed lather with too much or too little water? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, thank you for the wonderful videos. Keep up the good work!

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