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6 Green Mountain Shaving Soaps

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I’ve been meaning to mention Green Mountain shaving soaps for a while.

Green Mountain is one of several artisinal shaving soap makers that have appeared on the scene recently (no one can convince me that “old school” shaving is a shrinking niche!).  Green Mountain soap’s funky-shaped pucks are triple-milled and a generous 4oz. so you know they’re going to last a long time and are a great value.  They use essential (vs. fragrance) oils and I think they’ve struck a good balance between strength and longevity for scent.

I have hard water so getting a good lather can be a challenge for me sometimes.  It took a little experimentation for me to get a consistently good lather with Green Mountain, but after I discovered the “sweet spot” I don’t have a problem getting a fine shaving lather.  Performance (lubrication, cushion) has been very good.

Green Mountain’s line of shave soaps come in five different scents, plus unscented:
Balsam Spice: This scent evokes images of Winter in some mountain forest. Top notes of Camphor, Fennel, Spruce and Spearmint. Middle notes of sweet spice come from Ylang-Ylang, Nutmeg and Clove, tempered Siberian Fir. The earthy-mossy, leathery aroma of Oakmoss and the vanilla-like nuances of Peru Balsam ground this soap.
Cheaha: Base notes of Patchouli and Oakmoss give off warm, earth-mossy tones. Cedarwoods plus Ho Wood and Ylang-ylangimpart a cedar scent with floral overtones. The scent is infused with the sweet citrus smell of Orange and Bergamot. Spruce tops this scent with a generous amount of balsam.
Lavender Grapefruit: Lavender, Grapefruit and Lime. Lavender and citrus are grounded by the earthy, mossy, leathery notes of Oakmoss.

Lime Vetiver: Lime and Bay Leaf essential oils are grounded by Vetiver. Black Pepper essential oil and the tiny bit of Ylang-Ylang creates a sweet, exotic, slightly balsamic floral scent.

Spiced Rum: Bay Rum provides a spicy, fairly strong scent. Top notes are Lavender, Rosemary, and Litsea Cubeb. Marjoram and Clary Sage give the spicy, floral, fruity aromas, and Allspice enriches with a combination of cloves, cinnamon and pepper. Lastly is Carrot Seed, which has a woody-earthy, spicy-musky scent.
Unscented: This shaving soap has not been scented.


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7 thoughts on “6 Green Mountain Shaving Soaps”

  1. Limey English Bulldog

    On the strength of your review, I went to order a cake of unscented shave soap. Shipping is $6.22, high but manageable. BUT, a $20 minimum order is required, fair enough. HOWEVER when I added just one item to my cart, a small bar of soap, the shipping and handling increased to $18.00! NO WAY. Not for n $11.00 bar of soap. I recently had a Kent shave brush shipped to me from England and the shipping was $13.00. I filled my cart twice to make sure this was not a mistake. In this golden age of new generation soaps–Stirling, Synergy, LA Soap, etc–I don’t see how Green Mountain will attract much notice.

    1. Right under the $20 minimum they had this:
      The Paypal shipping calculator assumes each item will be sent in a separate package. We figure actual shipping and refund excess charges through Paypal.
      So it looks like shipping was calculated for two packages but the actual shipping would be less.

      1. Straight Razor Designs carries this soap brand and can be bought for about 12.00$, plus the regular shipping rate. Should be cheaper than the Green Mountain website since you don’t have a 20.00$ minimum.

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