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Checking out Mr. Pompadour

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Used to be, as a guy, your choices were pretty simple when it came to products to clean and style your hair. First, you used whatever your dad had around, and then you ended up picking up whatever was at the corner store when you remembered you needed some more. These days, choices abound, and with so many brands out there, it can be tricky to know what stuff out there is actually good or not. Today, we will be taking a look at four different products from Mr. Pompadour.

Mr. Pompadour Peppermint Shampoo & Conditioner

Mr-Pompadour-03As you can imagine, with a name like Mr. Pompadour, this is a brand that is all about the hair (even for guys like me who have it disappearing from their noggin). Before you worry about any styling, you want to make sure you have a clean base. So, the first product from the brand that I tried out was their peppermint shampoo. This particular product gets to a point that I made a bit ago – experimentation. For me, I have tended to go for non-scented products. Here, with the Mr. Pompadour Peppermint Shampoo, there is no avoiding that scent – it is bright and strong. As it turns out, it smells pretty refreshing, so that’s an added bonus. The product also contains tea tree oil, which should get some moisture back into the scalp and hair (you can see the full ingredient list here).
After you shampoo, you likely will be reaching for a conditioner. Well, what do you know, Mr. Pompadour also has a Peppermint Conditioner. As with the shampoo, this has a lively peppermint scent to it, so it goes along well. Looking trough the ingredient list there does seem to be plenty in there to get moisture back into your scalp and hair. That’s good, as we are entering into a dryer time of year now (winter), and the SLS in the shampoo (you remember us talking about that in this article, right?) will strip out natural oils as well. While this particular combo of shampoo and conditioner is not one I use daily, they do work well together, and it felt to me like they did their jobs well. For either, the bottles are 8 oz, and are available for $14.50 each, or in a combo pack for $27.

Styling That Newly Cleaned Hair

Mr-Pompadour-02Once your hair is clean and dry, it’s time to figure out some styling. The first product from Mr. Pompadour that I tried out was something unlike anything I had used before – a texture powder. The funny thing about this 0.1 oz bottle is that it feels like there is nothing in it. This is because, well, it is a very lightweight powder. To use it, you invert the bottle over your head and tap it, and a small cloud (depending on your tapping speed) will come out. Once you’ve distributed it over your hair, you can kind of work it in a bit and brush or comb your hair as you need. Unlike a pomade, paste, or gel, this is very much a dry application, so you end up with a very matte finish. The purpose to this product – aside from the styling – is to give things a bit more volume. I cannot say it made a super noticeable difference, but it did seem to a little bit.

The biggest impact with the Mr. Pompadour Texture Powder was something I noticed the next day. Sometimes when you get up in the morning (and you did not shower the previous night), there is not telling what your hair will look like and react with the product that is in it. With the Texture Powder, there was still some bed head, but you could not necessarily tell there was product in the hair. You could, however, easily brush or comb it (maybe using a little water if something was sticking up) and get back to a reasonable look, without it seeming greasy or unwashed. So, that is a tidy bonus, and an unexpected one at that. Frankly, something I was glad to be surprised with, as the bottle is not particularly inexpensive – $17.50 – so you might be reluctant to try out a product that is unlike anything you have used in the past.

A Different Sort of Paste

Mr-Pompadour-05If you want something that is more familar, Mr. Pompadour does indeed offer products in that vein. While they do have pomade, I instead tried out their Moroccan Texture Paste. I have been more accustomed to firmer pastes to use in my shorter hair, so adjusting to this one was a bit different. It has a more liquidy (and sticky) feel to it. Not to say that it’s runny, because it isn’t. It is just less firm, in the jar, than other products that carry the name of a paste. That’s ok, because the main thing is how it performs. I found it work just as well as the stuff I more regularly use, giving some decent hold that did not feel like a sticky mess when you need to adjust it throughout the day. I also liked that it was not overly shiny either. Sure, there was a hint of shine, but that just speaks more to a healthy look, rather than some slicked up hair.

While Mr. Pompadour labels the Moroccan Texture Paste as being all natural, the ingredient list reads a good bit longer than what you might find at your local natural shop. I’m not saying this is good or bad, I am just pointing out that, if you are sensitive or looking to avoid certain ingredients, you need to read through and check out what you are buying. For me, I did not have any qualms about using the product (just with some of the marketing), and I thought it performed well. At $17.50 for a 2 oz container, it is a touch higher than I normally spend for hair paste, but it did not seem wildly overpriced.

Wrapping Things Up

While all the products I reviewed from Mr. Pompadour are for your hair, they are not thematically joined via their scents (if you want, however, there is a peppermint pomade) which I liked. While you can tend to want to match your scents in shaving products, for the hair product, whatever they end up being, I really do not want (or need) that scent to stick around, or be prominent. So, if they do or do not match, that is not something that matters to me. In the end, while I did not do any A-B testing with the Mr. Pompadour products, I feel that they performed well at a reasonable (if slightly upmarket) price point.

Patrick Kansa

Patrick Kansa

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