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Cella “Green” Line Review

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cella organic shave products review

The Italian shaving business continues to “invade” the USA (and that’s a good thing). Now Cella gets a distributor in the USA, Cella Milano 1899. Their new distributor sent me some products from their “green” line.


I have previously written about the robust Italian shave industry. Cella is one of those Italian shaving businesses with a long history and, unlike many of the other shave brands of Great Britain, have not “rested on their laurels” but continue to innovate while maintaining the quality of their products.

In the summer of 2019, as part of an event dedicated to the research and promotion of historical Made in Italy products, a selection of Cella Milano products was displayed at the prestigious MoMa Design Store in New York.

On this occasion, Cella Milano presented their Certified Organic Line (in green packaging, AKA “the green line”) dedicated to the most sensitive skin.

The main differences between the Classic Line (Red) and the Organic Line (Green) can be found in the formulations and different textures of the products, as well as in the fragrances. The Organic Line was conceived for the most sensitive skin, while the Red Line is dedicated to the classic Italian Style Barber that has been in use for over 120 years.

There is also a beard care line.

The “Green” Shaving Product Line

  • Pre-shaving gel
  • Shaving cream in bowl (actually a shave soap)
  • Shaving cream in tube (brushless)
  • Aftershave splash
  • Aftershave balm

There are also a couple of shave sets.

My Review Of The Shave Soap And Aftershaves

shave of the day with cella paa brush oneblade genesis

Cella Milano 1899 sent me some of the products from the “green” line. Here are my impressions.

The scent of the green line products are different than the original (red) line. Cella says it starts with a blend of fruity notes and pink pepper. The heart is a combination of notes of Damask rose and jasmine wrapped in smoky birch. The base is characterized by the notes of labdanum, precious woods, and amber

For me and my notoriously insensitive nose I definitely get the top fruity and pepper notes: I find the combination moderately strong and quite pleasant. I also get the floral and wood notes later but for me they’re quite mild and more difficult for me to pick out.

Pre-shave gel

The pre-shave gel is clear and not as thick as other non-oil pre-shaves I have tried. It is very slick though–in fact while it may not be as protecting as other pre-shaves I have used it’s probably the best lubricating pre-shave gel I have.

Shave Soap

Cella has over 100 years of experience with shave soaps and it shows here. For me the pre-shave gel is not necessary for this shave soap. I can build a lather in no time even with my “hard” water and any shave brush I have tried. For a shave soap I find it’s also quite tolerant of the water-to-product ratio. Both cushion/protection and lubrication/glide are excellent. Aftershave skin moisturization is also surprisingly good. Cella may just crack Sharpologist’s “best shave soap” list with this.

Aftershave Splash

Admittedly I’m not a big fan of alcohol-based aftershave splashes but I actually kind of like the Cella “green” splash. The scent follows the “green” line but with a strong alcohol note, as expected. It goes on easily and with very little “burn.” It also moisturizes my skin surprisingly well for what it is.

Aftershave Balm

As noted above I prefer aftershave balms and the Cella organic product doesn’t disappoint. A medium-consistancy balm it is probably the most mildly-scented of the products I’ve tried, so it shouldn’t interfere with any cologne you decide to apply after your shave.


The Cella Milano Bio line boasts the Bio Eco Cosmetics AIAB and Q Certifications, leaders in cosmetic certifications. The certification guarantees the maximum protection possible for health and the environment. The strict AIAB regulations allow only the use of authorized ingredients, ensure the absence of raw materials considered “at risk,” and guarantee low environmental impact packaging.

Extra Extra Bio (Organic): “Extra” refers to the extra experience and know-how of Casa Cella since 1899, while “Bio” refers to its certified organic composition, created to respect nature through the natural effectiveness of plant-based active ingredients.

Extra Extra Bio emphasizes the strict selection of ingredients that form the basis of the line’s formulations and the formulation know-how derived from Cella’s years of history.

Summing Up

Cella Organic shaving products are a great alternative for those seeking a more natural and eco-friendly shaving experience. The products are made with high-quality organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin while providing a close and comfortable shave. Not only do these products benefit the individual user, but they also have a positive impact on the environment.

With their commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, Cella is helping set the standard for ethical shaving products. If you’re looking to switch up your shaving routine or want to make a conscious effort towards sustainability, consider giving Cella Organic shaving products a try.


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