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Do Black Men Need Their Own Shaving Products?

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I get asked this question a lot, and for good reason! Men of color are always in search of finding a solution to the ever growing problem of ingrown hairs and darkened complexions from shaving. So the question is definitely warranted!

Is there a perfect product that will make these woes disappear? Unfortunately, no.

But the answer isn’t in the product, it’s in the education. Of course no one wants to hear that because we’re all looking for the “quick fix”, but it’s true. You can use the best unscented shaving cream, razor and non-alcoholic after shave balm, and still find yourself suffering with ingrown hairs.
Most men with darker skin complexions typically have curlier hair than their lighter skinned counterparts. The curlier the beard, the more issues one will have with how the hair reacts to it being cut short (i.e. curling into or under the skin). So shaving with a razor without truly knowing the growth pattern, or even using a multiple blade razor are two quick examples of things that can easily be the source of the problem.  The same applies with using alcohol heavy aftershaves and ingrown hair treatment products; these items can oftentimes aid in darkening the shaved area.
Here are a few articles I’ve written that can help you to better understand your beard…


5 thoughts on “Do Black Men Need Their Own Shaving Products?”

  1. I agree that technique is paramount. Secondly, using products that are made for textured hair in combination with proper technique is the holy grail here. At Áurea4Shave, I’ve created a line of shaving products named @ That’s Smoooth™. that addresses this issue for men of color or with wavy and curly textured hair. I created them after suffering from irritation, and razor bumps for decades.
    First know that textured hair requires proper prep to make the skin and hair ready. Secondly, our products are naturally based and use ingredients which make textured hair pliable, keeps pores open, purifies, rebalances pH, smoothes skin, while hydrating it all day long.
    Infused with Dead Sea Mud & Oleosomes creates a multi-tasking, truly Multicultural formulation(s) that work. Check us out at: We offer a Money Back Guarantee. Happy Shaving.

  2. craig,
    i cant use a razor due to my ingrown hairs im black so I use andis clippers to shave I find they work the best I never have any issues with ingrown hairs or razor bumps. do you suggest using any products in conjunction with this, before and/or after?

    1. Dzo, I’m glad that you found the right tool for your shave! My two go-to items that I use after my shave is 3-in-1 Post Shave by Lab Series and or the Cool Fix by Anthony (has a bit of a bite…). Both of these items seem to keep the stray ingrown hairs I get from time to time at bay. I really hope this helps!

  3. I have had the worst ingrown hair problems of anyone I know (I have seen pictures of worse, but never in real life). I tried different products aimed at black men, but they all ‘fix’ the problem the same way; by not shaving closely.
    My problem hasn’t gone away 100%, but I’m pretty close to it:
    * Exfoliate your skin. Do this at least twice per week for 2 weeks, afterwards shaving will keep your skin exfoliated.
    * Shave daily. If you keep your stubble short, it won’t have the length to curl and get into your skin. This will require that you learn to shave with minimum irritatio.
    * Learn to shave against the grain. Doing a final pass against the grain with proper technique helps. Doing it without the right technique will worsen your condition dramatically.

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