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Big Shave East

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The Big Shave East is June 30 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Sharpologist will be there!  If you haven’t been to a shaving meet-up before, they can be a ton of fun, and this one looks like it will be no exception.

I’ve been to a number of shaving-related meet-ups, including the original the Merz/Smallflower “Great Shave” in Chicago in 2011 and 2012, the Maggard Razors meet-ups in 2016 and 2017, and last year’s Big Shave West, along with some smaller regional events over the years.  I had a great time at all of them.

What To Expect At This One

Live Demos; Brush Turning on a lathe, 3D Printing, Lathering Lessons, Perfuming, etc.;
Shave Mall, a place with many of your favorite artisans and vendors under one roof;
Live Panel Discussions, with artisans, vendors and shave personalities;
Big Shave Best:” Contestants show off their shave skills, knowledge and panache;
Free Barber Straight Razor Shaves.

The Venue

The Universal Palms Hotel (recently acquired by EconoLodge) is home to this years Big Shave East. They will be offering a block of rooms at $59.95 Per Night. This includes the interior poolside ‘upgrade’ rooms. If you are interested in this deal, remember to mention you are with The Big Shave East to get this rate! Call (954) 776-4880 to book a room.
The hotel is 10 minutes away from the beach & 15 minutes away from the airport, The property has a dinner restaurant, pool, and mini golf course. Other dining and entertainment options are nearby.
My wife and I love to play mini golf (we once took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC specifically because it’s known as the “mini golf capital of the world”). Don’t be surprised if Sharpologist organizes a tournament!

Swag Bag

Now is the time to order the official Big Shave East “swag bag.”  For $49.95 you get samples, promotional items, the official shave soap, splash, event t-shirt and more. Swag Bags will ONLY BE AVAILABLE TO ATTENDEES – They Won’t Be Shipped.

Big Shave East Brush

This years Official Big Shave East Brush is the creation of artisan brushmaker Leo Frilot! If you are familiar with Leo’s work, you know you are in for a quality brush.  The group brush is the hand-turned “Coral Tide” Opal F-200 inspired handle (56mm) fitted with a 24mm “tuxedo” synthetic knot and the official BSE coin.  The completed brush price is $65 and is offered to those attending the Big Shave East event.  Knot options include the 26mm tuxedo, 24mm Mother Lode, and the 26mm Timberwolf synthetics for the same price. A 24mm 2band Finest Badger is also available for $75.


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  1. I plan on attending. I look forward to seeing you there, Mark! I might even be offering hot towel shaves, I contacted Douglas and he put me on a back-up barbering list.

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