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The Best Shaving Soap Amazon Can Offer? [Updated!]

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Amazon may not exactly the best friend of the traditional wet shaving consumer, but that’s not to say it’s not useful, especially this time of year.  What good shave soap can you get on Amazon?  What is the best shave soap Amazon can offer you?

Sharpologist’s Best Shave Soaps On Amazon?

I’ve previously written how Amazon may or may not be the wet shaver’s friend.  There are a lot of dodgy products, unscrupulous sellers, and fake reviews.  On the other hand, Amazon is a huge factor in consumer shopping, especially around the holidays.  So if you’re going to buy there anyway, can you also purchase high quality wet shaving soap to add to your cart?

Sharpologist’s best shave soap list is a top result on internet search engines.  Here’s the TL;DR list:

  • 1. Ariana And Evans
  • 2. Barrister and Mann
  • 3. Captain’s Choice
  • 4. Catie’s Bubbles
  • 5. Chiseled Face
  • 6. Declaration Grooming
  • 7. Noble Otter
  • 8. Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
  • 9. Stirling Soaps
  • 10. Southern Witchcrafts
  • 11. Wholly Kaw
  • 12. Zingari Man

Can any of these excellent shave soaps be found on Amazon too?  Yes, a number can!  Some even have Amazon store fronts.

Note: Amazon links are affiliate.

Artisans With Amazon Store Fronts

A few wet shaving soap artisans have an “official” presence on Amazon:

Barrister And Mann: Barrister And Mann maintains a modest inventory on Amazon.  Not their full line but some their most popular products.

Wholly Kaw: Wholly Kaw maintains a store front on Amazon.

Zingari Man: Zingari Man’s Amazon store carries a pretty wide variety of their products, including shave soaps, aftershaves, beard products, and fragrances.

Also Found On Amazon

Other “best” shave soaps can be found on Amazon via third parties (be sure to compare prices, taking shipping into account, between sellers):

  • Ariana And Evans
  • Captain’s Choice
  • Catie’s Bubbles
  • Chiseled Face

Expect selection and availability to be “hit and miss.”

What About Some Other Good Shave Soaps?

There are a lot of very good-to-excellent shave soaps that aren’t on Sharpologist’s “best” list but still worthy of inclusion.

DR Harris is probably the last “old school” wet shaving brand that hasn’t reformulated their shave soaps into oblivion.  And their availability in gift-worthy wooden shave bowls is an added plus.

Taconic has a pretty extensive Amazon store with some solid-performing shave soaps.

Lather And Wood maintains an Amazon store front. One of the top-selling shave soap products Amazon–which is no guarantee of performance or quality!–Lather And Wood’s Sandalwood shave soap was reviewed here on Sharpologist and found to be quite good!

Wet Shaving Products: WSP carries a fairly extensive inventory on Amazon, including both their “Rustic” and “Formula T” shave soaps along with aftershaves and beard products.

Amazon is also kind of a search engine so if you are looking for a specific shave soap give their top-of-page query window a shot!


There are a lot of great products on Amazon.  There are also a lot of ghastly ones.  Shave soaps are no exception.  I think I’ve listed some of the best shave soap Amazon can offer.  But do your research on performance and price before buying.


Shave tutor and co-founder of sharpologist. I have been advocating old-school shaving for over 20 years and have been featured in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Lifehacker. Also check out my content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!View Author posts


5 thoughts on “The Best Shaving Soap Amazon Can Offer? [Updated!]”

  1. Amazon is a great place for purchasing expensive and inexpensive mug shaving soaps. Recently when I found out that Williams was no longer in business, I was surprised that Williams Shaving Mug Soap was selling for $20 and higher on Amazon; same on Ebay. I went to my local ‘mom & pop’ drug store and bought their last 2 Williams for $1.39 each; the owner told me their vendor could no longer purchase the product. Through my 55 plus years of wet shaving, I’ve purchased and used less expensive products … Williams, Colgate, Burma Shave… and more expensive soaps from products made across the pond and in the U.S. I purchased Old Spice soap until Shulton stopped making it in the 80’s. Actually, I never considered another brand until they stopped making it, except one time, when I purchased Yardley shaving soap in a wood bowl with wood cover; I was fascinated by the bowl and different scent. But after using it, I stayed with Old Spice. After OS mug soap was no longer produced, I would go back and forth between Williams, Colgate and Burma, which could be found at most drug stores. I even tried the Gillette ‘Brush Plus’ system off and on for several years until they discontinued making the ‘refill soap;’ I loved the scent of that soap! When purchasing shaving products on Amazon became available, I began experimenting with a few expensive shaving soaps. My overall take on wet shaving using mug, shaving soap and brush … my shaves were just as good using less expensive soap as expensive soaps; hot water makes all the difference for a good lather. When I had a bad shave, it was time for a blade change. I will miss Williams, a very good, inexpensive shaving soap that was produced, sold and used by millions for 182 years. I’m guessing Van Der Hagen will be the ‘New Williams.’

  2. Wish i would have read this a few days ago. After reading reviews and/or product descriptions sometimes ya just gotta make a choice. I’m watching the wallet too. I chose D.R. Harris but couldn’t get it for 3 weeks so i let it go.
    I went with Mitchell’s Wool Fat and Tabac shaving soaps. Been a little complacent on the shave front for awhile (albeit short) but back strong and am looking to buy several varieties. Thanks for another great artical!

  3. After reading about the thoughts, dedication to improvement and customer satisfaction with a shave, I have to retract my “never” statementregarding Taylor and Old Bond Street to at least give Will’s work a try!

  4. I am an Amazon fan. I am a Prime Member. The consisrent shipping charges and the superior return policies and the return options are beyond what I would have to do with a brick and mortar store. Also, refunds are posted quickly while I sit at home.
    Mark, maybe Taylor and Bond Street shaving cream isn’t called a soap is why it is not on the list of Amazon shaving soaps. I recently acquited the company’s Pepperment Shaving Cream and it is the best “soap” I have ever used. And, it is available on Amazon. It is my “go-to” shaving soap/cream/lather stuff and on my “never-any-other creamy-soapy-lathery stuff ever list.

  5. I have shopped soaps on Amazon and directly from the maker for years. It has been my consistent history that as a Prime member it is always cheaper and faster to get it from Amazon as all the makers seem to generate additional profit from their shipping charges. The one drawback, as mentioned in the article, is that there is a much narrower choice of makers as well as choices available from each maker.
    If you feel it is your duty to subsidize the artisan makers then go ahead and spend your children’s food money. There have been times when I really wanted a particular soap and had to decide which child went hungry.

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