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How To Avoid Acne After Shaving

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Updated October, 2020. The acne that you get after shaving differs slightly from the common form of acne that you used to get during your teen years and puberty. Acne occurs when the hair follicles clog and lead to the formation of red bumps. Oil and dead skin cells block the opening of the follicles by pooling together, and consequently, they form this clog. The acne that you get after you shave occurs because blockage takes places due to the irritation of the follicles owing to the simple act of shaving. As with many other skin problems, prevention is the best cure for this type of acne. You can reduce irritation and the pimples that accompany it by using the following proper shaving techniques.


1. Rinsing the area by using warm water before you start shaving

You should always use warm water to rinse the area before you start shaving. The area that you want to shave becomes more supple because of the water on the skin and your blood vessels start to bring more blood to it because the heat dilates them. It is advisable for you to shave in a hot shower.

2. Applying shaving cream

You can help the razor that you are using to glide over the skin by applying shaving cream. In effect, you will prevent acne pimples from forming on your skin and reduce irritation. You should always use the thinner and filmier shaving creams because they help in preventing you from causing irritation to your skin while you are shaving.

3. Using an electric razor

An electric razor does not shave smoothly. However, it does not also cause acne breakouts. If you must use a blade to shave, then you should consider using a single-blade razor whenever you shave because triple and double-edge blades usually lift the hair out of the follicles when you want a shave that is below the epidermis. In addition, the epidermis grows over the follicle opening when your skin heals. The hair has to struggle in order to get out of your blocked follicles as it grows. Consequently, this causes inflammation.

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4. Always going with the grain

More shaving bumps are more likely to form when you shave much closer to the skin. Hence, if you want to have a smooth shave, it is best for you to shave with the grain. This means that you need to shave down and not up in order to prevent the occurrence of cuts and nicks, and irritation.

5. Applying an antibacterial gel or mild alcohol-free toner

You should always apply an antibacterial gel or mild alcohol-free toner after shaving because it helps in killing bacteria before it gets into your hair pores. This helps in preventing the formation of shaving bumps on your skin. Alternatively, you can apply benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in gel form after you finish shaving. These two are very effective in helping to kill bacteria that cause acne.

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Acne that results after shaving can lead to serious skin problems which can necessitate you to apply for the Ni number card (in the UK) so as to get access to treatment from a skin specialist. Following the above tips keeps acne after shaving at bay and gives you a healthier skin in general. Don’t we all agree that these sound like pretty simple and easy to follow tips which are efficient in preventing acne after shaving?

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  3. During shaving, acne is prone to cut or rupture from the razor causing fear of spreading infection across the face. If you have a problem of acne and shaving too, then always scrub the face thoroughly before shaving. This will remove all the dead skin from the face. This will reduce the fear of getting cut during shaving. Cut into dry skin most quickly.

  4. If you want an inexpensive toner use
    Witch Hazel (available at any drug store or Walmart. Won’t burn either.

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