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Asylum Injector Razor Review

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Bullgoose is carrying the newly-released Asylum Injector single edge razor.  How does it compare with other Injector razors?  I bought one to find out.


From Bullgoose:

The idea for the Asylum injector razor has been percolating since the summer of 2012 when I met with Larry Calderon (a product engineer) in a Pasadena IHOP restaurant. The goal was to produce a more nimble version of the Asylum Rx that took injector blades. The execution of the design proved more difficult than we anticipated so, the razor was put on the back burner for nearly ten years.

The Asylum Injector is produced using 316L stainless steel. It is a bit lighter than the Rx weighing in at 99g and the shave is ever so slightly milder than the Rx. Due to the smaller head, it is more nimble than the Rx and is an excellent choice for those with a goatee….

Approximate Dimensions:

Overall Weight: 99g

Handle Weight: 56g

Head Weight: 43g

Handle Length: 82mm

Product of United States

What Others Are Saying About The Asylum Injector Razor

As this is a new product there isn’t much data on it beyond a few threads on some of the wet shaving discussion boards.  Here’s the general feedback so far:


  • Mode of 316L Stainless Steel
  • Solidly built
  • Good grip
  • “Nimble” and good for shaving in tight areas


  • Three-piece design, does not use the standard Injector blade loading.  Changing a blade can be “fiddly.”
  • Cost
  • Overly-aggressive shave for some.

My Experience With The Asylum Injector Razor

[Note: I purchased this razor–my views expressed here are my own and Bullgoose/Asylum have not reviewed or approved this post.  Bullgoose is a Sharpologist advertiser but links are not affiliate.]

This is essentially the Asylum Rx single edge razor, “slimmed down” into the Schick Injector blade format.  It uses the same “tongue-in-groove’ head design as the Rx.

This is not the first Injector-style razor with a three piece design: Mongoose briefly flirted with a three piece Injector design a few years ago, calling it the “Mingoose.”

Back to the Asylum Injector, though.  If you are expecting the same ease-of-blade-replacement of the standard Injector head design you will be disappointed–I find changing the small Injector blade without the benefit of the Injector blade magazine and key to be a challenge.

Visually, I think it’s a gorgeous-looking razor though.  And it’s hefty (but not tiring) and well-balanced in my hand.

As for the shave itself, I find the Asylum Injector, like the Asylum Rx, to be rather aggressive–maybe a seven on a one-to-ten scale.  I’ve tried the Supply “Black Label” Injector blades and some Schick-branded blades I got on Amazon a while back.  Personally I prefer a much milder razor, maybe a three or four on the same scale.

Summing Up

The Asylum Injector razor is an interesting bit of engineering: solidly-built, heavy, and well-balanced.  However two design aspects–blade changing and an aggressive shave–suggest this razor is best suited for the current Asylum Rx razor user, or the razor enthusiast or razor collector.  For someone looking at Injector-style razors I would suggest looking at the Supply or Parker offerings first.


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