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Artificial Intelligence Suggests The Best Razor

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Artificial Intelligence Recommends The Best Razor

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) has recently gained more notoriety and popularity with the launch of several new applications. I asked one about razors.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re interested in technology topics you have probably read about the growth of AI applications over the past couple of years. Apps like ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Claude have generated a lot of interest for their ability to absorb mountains of information and have natural language “conversations” about topics with users.

ChatGPT is probably the most established and well-known AI application. I asked ChatGPT to briefly describe itself:

Please give a short summary of yourself.

The response:

The Question

So I asked ChatGPT:

“What kind of modern razor most closely combines the best features of razors throughout history?”

The Answer

robot in office


rockwell t2 tto adjustable razor

So artificial intelligence suggests a modern adjustable safety razor as the razor that combines the best aspects of razors through history? By coincidence I recently wrote about the best modern adjustable safety razors.

Which adjustable safety razor “ticks the most boxes” for the items listed above? Personally, I would suggest either the Parker Adjustable Injector (single edge) or the Yaqi “Final Cut” (double edge).

What do you think? Leave a comment below!


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2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Suggests The Best Razor”

  1. Agree with Goldweber. ChatGPT pretty much summarizes the views of most recent online sources. It will be interesting to ask it the same question in fifteen years.

  2. It is rare that my interest in wet shaving and my profession as a computer science professor collide, but this article hit the sweet spot.

    It is not coincidence that ChatGPT’s recommendations were ambiguous. It did not make a concrete recommendation, but instead provided an enumeration of desirable qualities. Basically any current LLM (Large Language Model, of which ChatGPT is an example of) simply correlates all the data one can find online. It can, in this case, basically provide a high-level summary of everything currently available on the Web on the topic.

    There are a lot of “what to look for” articles, including some excellent ones on Sharpologist. ChatGPT just provided a high-level summary of all of them.

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