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Pucker Up! Ariana And Evans Pedro Fiasco Limoncello Shaving Soap Review

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ariana and evans limoncello shave soap open jar

Ariana And Evans’ Limoncello shave soap is part of their value-priced product line up. How does it perform? I put a jar to the test.

My Experience With Ariana And Evans’ Pedro Fiasco Limoncello Shaving Soap

[Note: I received a sample of Limoncello without cost from Ariana And Evans. However the opinions expressed here are my own and have not been reviewed or approved by Ariana And Evans. links may be affiliate.]


Ariana And Evans Limoncello Shave Soap comes in a semi-transparent plastic jar, as shown above. I can easily load a brush directly from the jar.

The scent…wow. And I mean WOW. This is the most accurate, “cleanest” lemon scented shave product I have used–and I’ve tried a bunch over the years. Sweet and zesty at the same time, but not too sweet or too zesty. And very natural: this does not smell like some artificially-scented cleaning product at all to me. Mrs. Mantic59 says it smells like freshly-made lemonade to her. It is moderately strong and quite persistent through the shave. My notoriously insensitive nose is a happy appendage when I shave with Limoncello.


Pedro Fiasco is Ariana And Evans’ “value” shave soap formulation. As such it would be unfair to compare Limoncello to A&E’s outstanding (and much more expensive) Kaizen formulation shave soaps, like Tertius.

That said, I do find the performance of Limoncello to be very good.

Lather-building is fast, easy, and drama-free, even in my “hard” water. I think the lather is just a bit on the softer side, with the consistency more toward the meringue end than the yogurt end of the spectrum.

I find all aspects of the performance of Limoncell0–lubrication/glide, cushion/protection, and post-shave moisturization to be solidly in the very good category. Definitely at or above other shave soaps at the same price-point. The vast majority of shavers should find shaving with Limoncello to be more than satisfactory.

Ariana And Evans Limoncello Background

ariana and evans limoncello shave soap

From the AEGrooming website:

Limoncello is the Italian word referring to an intensely lemon flavored liqueur famously associated with and produced in Sorrento, the Amalfi coast, and the island of Capri, but also very popular throughout all of Italy.

Limoncello is made ​​from lemon zest, water, alcohol, and sugar. It’s a beverage usually consumed after meals, but a perfect drink for every occasion. I created this in honor of my grandfather Frank Capano, who was born in Calabria. I think we did a wonderful job representing this wonderful drink.

notes: Calabrian bergamot, lemon zest, lemon, orange blossom, jasmine, vodka, brown sugar note (very light on the boozy note), light Himalayan cedar...floral note and alcohol are barely detectable….

Limoncello is made in our superb Pedro Fiasco Shaving Cream and generously portioned at 5 ounces

Ingredients: Stearic acid, water, beer, shea butter, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, manteca, tallow, palm oil, glycerin, sunflower oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, jojoba, fragrance

Summing Up

I find Ariana And Evans Limoncello shave to soap to be a little less luxurious than the top-shelf, premium shave soaps but it’s still a solid performer with a stand-out lemon scent.

Lemoncello is available at the Ariana And Evans website and other select retailers.


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