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A Simple and Easy Shaving and Skincare Guide For Busy Men

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Keeping up with your skin health can be a tall task, but it is equally as important as staying on top of shaving and your facial hair. Add in the busyness of everyday work life, family, errands, and any leisure activities, it can be easy for you to struggle to find time to take care of your skin. If you find yourself in this common group, fear no more! There are tons of easy tricks and tips to help your skin stay nourished, while also supporting your on-the-go lifestyle.  Here are just a few easy ways to regain control of your time and skin.

Mastering your regimen

Like most things in life, mastering and perfecting a habit will help you save time. The same goes for shaving and skincare. The more often you partake, the easier it becomes, and the quicker you can get it done! However, for some men, it can be hard to optimize the perfect routine. Here are the absolute essentials you should be mastering:

  • Cleansing: If you don’t find yourself cleansing in partnership with shaving, you’re doing it wrong! Cleansing daily (plus when you shave) is a key essential that every man should make time for. Warm water alongside a cleanser can open your face pores and remove oils and dirt that sit on your face and cause acne. 
  • Shaving: Shaving is a staple of most men’s grooming routine and is something that most individuals have to do weekly, if not bi-weekly. This means you should have lots of practice mastering shave styles and techniques. Using the right tools, going through the proper steps, and being diligent is the key. Whether you’re dry or wet shaving, there are steps you should be taking every time and becoming a mini-professional.
  • Moisturizing: Whether you suffer from dry skin or not in the winter, moisturizing your face is one step of a skincare routine that most men skip altogether. Although this step doesn’t have to be done as frequently as a cleanser, strive to moisturize your face at least once a week in order to add some hydration back into your skin pores.
  • Exfoliating: Last but not least, exfoliating is similar to moisturizing in that it can be done less frequently. Exfoliating is perfect for removing dead skin cells and truly deep cleaning your skin. If you’re fully shaving your beard or mustache down to the skin, exfoliating can be a great way to reach down deeper than you normally would with longer facial hair.

Use technology to your advantage


Convenience is king when it comes to busy people and this stands true even when it comes to shaving. There are plenty of ways to incorporate these quick and easy tips that can save you some time. Technology, for example, has been saving many men for a number of years now, and it has even made its way into the shaving and skincare industry. 

One of the most common forms of technology in the skincare industry as of late is razor subscription services. Over the past five years or so, mobile razor delivery companies have seen exponential growth in users. Brands such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s are dominating the market and the services they provide have quickly become the newest trend in receiving the shaving supplies you need right to your doorstep.  Even traditional wet shaving brands and vendors are jumping on the subscription bandwagon.  Subscribers are not only saving money but also valuable time as they are making fewer trips to the store to re-up on supplies.

It’s not just standard shaving supplies that are in high demand. Many consumers have turned to delivery services such as goPuff to shop for their skincare essentials and other beauty products. In need of an extra can of shaving cream or ran out of your favorite bottle of moisturizer or face wash? The ease of ordering online and the convenience factor of receiving your products quickly make this option a win/win.

Be selective about your shaving tools

As many men know, the basis of a healthy skincare routine starts with a quality shaving routine. From the creams and oils you apply to the hair, down to the actual razors you use to trim and cut, any products or tools that come in contact with your face should be considered prior to use. This is especially true for men who may not have as much time to dedicate to shaving, as they are seeking quick and easy options that are also safe for their skin.

This means carefully curating your shaving tools so when it comes to that short amount of time dedicated to shaving, you can get the best results. Start with thinking about what razors and shavers you’re currently using on your facial hair. Arguably the most important part of the shaving process, the razor and blade combination, is a crucial element to keep in the back of your mind. Since time is of the essence, you want to find a razor that will give you the most longevity (so you won’t have to continually replace it) and give you the best shave instantly. Do some research about what razors last the longest and what might be the best investment for your future.

Settle into a timely routine

Although it may sound obvious, settling into a routine as an active man is the best way to stay on top of both your shaving and skincare regimens. We all know how scarce time can be, especially amidst the pandemic. Planning out and being aware of how often you shave and complete your skincare routine, on top of what time of day (either morning or evening) you tend to your grooming, it can help keep you organized. Of course, every man’s perfect time to shave will be completely different, but if you can, it’s best to do so at night before bed.

There are many reasons why night-time shaving and skincare have been proven more effective. First, you are most likely in less of a rush than you would be in the morning, presumably before work. With this more relaxed timeline, you’ll make fewer mistakes and remain more focused. You may even experience less facial irritation if you’re going straight to bed after, rather than exposing your skin to the various elements you may encounter throughout your day. 

If you struggle to find time at night, do yourself the due diligence and figure how long it will take, and even what day of the week you constantly want to shave and practice your skincare routine. Is it Sunday night before the week ahead or Thursday evening to prep the weekend? The choice is yours but plan ahead!


No matter how busy life gets, you can’t neglect your shaving routine and skin health. Time management is the key to flourish and should be applied to your own wellness just as much as it is to other sectors of your well-being. Be sure to give these tips a try and let us know what you do yourself to keep up with your habits!

This article was written by a number of authors from Sharpologist and freelance sources.

Sharpologist Staff

Sharpologist Staff