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5 Tips to Help Men Find the Perfect Summer Cologne

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Sometimes you walk down the street and it strikes you immediately. The scent. If I weren’t a married woman, I would definitely chase this man down. That is how much scent means. A woman starts to imagine how cozy it is going to be wrapped up in this heaven weaved out of flavors.

Men who smell good seem more attractive and confident. Actually, confidence is one of the best side effects of good cologne. Did you notice how you feel better when you are well dressed? The same works with cologne. It makes you feel like a million dollars so no surprise your back magically straightens and chest broadens.

Cologne makes you different, it creates a unique scent only you possess. Even if there are two men wearing the same cologne, they smell differently because everyone has an odor of their own body. However, there are men who are able to make a great mix out of the cologne and the body odor and there are ones who manage to spoil the whole scent, even the most expensive and the most luxurious one, just because the cologne is not compatible with their natural odor. But how do you find the one?

That is the question that we all struggle with. Believe me when I say that women struggle with finding the right perfume too. There are so many bottles and scents that you can get lost pretty easily.

This article is about to swipe all your “I don`t know” and “I can’t decide” away. We are about to get you prepared before you dive into the big and unknown – the world of colognes!

What Is the Difference Between Summer and Winter Colognes?

You should change your cologne with the season just like you do with your clothes. Of course, if you have the cologne you love and can not live without, you are free to use it all year round. However, using seasonal cologne can prevent you from getting tired of your favorite one. Give your bottle a small vacation! I promise that in autumn you will feel like it is your first time wearing the cologne you like so much.

Those nice people out there who can not sit calmly for a second, seek adventures and can not live without some change in their lives are welcome to change the scent seasonally as well. Your morning routine will get a little more different and your friends and family will definitely notice the change as well.

Winter colognes are more likely to consist of heavy scents, that remind us of warmth. Since you wear a big amount of layers, the cologne can get lost in all the T-shirts, sweaters and coats. Moreover, when body temperature gets lower, the smell gets muted, it projects not that far.

On the contrary, summer colognes are airy and contain light scents. The scent does not need to fight through all the clothing. So if you apply winter cologne in the summer, it might seem that you went too far with the amount of cologne you have applied. Even if you use less than usual.

5 Tips for Choosing Perfect Summer Cologne

Today we are going to talk about how to find the perfect summer cologne so these are tips that I used to help my husband to find the smell good enough to make me track him down. He also developed his own tactics that he kindly shared as well.

#1 Simplicity Is a Key

Simplicity everywhere and in everything has become a real trend. When it comes to summer, it gets even more visible. We get so tired of thick socks, heavy boots and lots of blankets that we try to get rid of everything that has something to do with memories of heavy winter. A lot of people even throw away half of their apartment in the trash, just to unload the space.

I highly recommend doing the spring cleaning with the ingredients of your cologne as well. When it gets hot outside, your cologne evaporates more quickly. So a mix of everything can turn out not as wonderful as it seems in the beginning. Scents that contain one to three notes are your way to go!

#2 Do Not Buy the Cologne Right Away

It happens a lot that you try the cologne and it seems like – yes, that is the one. You get obsessed with the smell and you do not even want to smell any other scents.

However, it turns out even more often that it was not the one. After five minutes, fifteen minutes or after a couple of hours the scent transforms itself into something very new and unexpected and you may not like the transformation.

Moreover, there is a common rule that if you can feel the smell of your cologne very distinctively during the day, it is a 100 percent sign that this particular cologne is just not for you. You will get tired of the scent super quickly and some people say that they get strong headaches because they can smell their cologne all day.

Choosing the signature scent of your summer is not something you want to rush. Your ability to be patient can save your summer and lots of money as well. As it turns out, a cologne can affect your health as well so waiting a day keeps a doctor away in this case!

#3 Spritz It on Your Skin

You should not do that with all the bottles that a kind lady gives you in the shop. Otherwise, your nose will not be able to smell anything for another week. It is recommended not to smell more than 4 colognes at once.

However, when you narrowed your choice to three or less, it is time to try it on your skin. The scent really opens up on your skin only – it needs the warmth of your skin and your body odor to show its fullest. Maybe, it will turn out that the smell you liked so much is not that great after all. But what if it gets only better even when you believe it is not possible? You will never know until you try it!

#4 What Do You Associate With Summer?

What is your perfect summer like? Is it long beaches with no people around? Is it all about salt and waves? Are they good old mountains? Maybe yours is about meadows full of flowers and singing birds. It does not matter if you have the wildest of dreams – be sure that cologne producers know all about it and have probably created the picture you are looking for with the help of scents. It is pure magic how they can put all the cool winds and memories of sweet childhood at your granny’s in one little bottle. So just make a small research on the Internet – and go to the shop so you can get to know if the breeze smells good on your skin.

Also do not forget to connect your cologne to your personality. The piece of wisdom advice on picking the cologne that fits your personality can be found here.

#5 Decision Is Yours

You know this one is from my husband, don`t you? So we were walking around the shops the other day and remembered that Kyle’s favorite bottle of summer cologne has one nice unreachable drop in it. We decided to pay a visit to a fragrance shop. We were on the second scent and I loved it. It reminded me of the place we went for our honeymoon. It had a cocktail note in it. I am a little embarrassed about this story but maybe I got a little obsessed with the thought that Kyle will smell like our honeymoon all summer.

He did not like the idea of this cologne at all. He was trying to talk me out of buying this but “how could I say no to that pleading eyes”, he explained later. To make it short, he bought it and he used it twice.

So it does not matter that your friend says that you totally should buy it. It does not matter that your girlfriend says that she wants to spend day and night with you wearing this cologne. It does not matter that it reminds your wife of your honeymoon. If you do not like it, put it back on the shelf and do not try to convince yourself it is good.

Now that you know how to find your perfect summer cologne, let’s not forget about basic tips on how to make it last longer:

  • spray your pulse points
  • keep your cologne in the cool and dark place
  • do not let the direct sun rays ruin it
  • do not shake
  • spray it on your clothing and accessories

As I said, in the summer cologne evaporates faster than ever so following these simple rules can help your perfect summer cologne to last.

I hope you found some nice tips about how to find the perfect summer cologne. Have you known them before? Do you have something even more useful? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Ms. Cheryl, Great read and good advice. Here’s one for yah…My wife has allergies and a very sensitive olfactory as of late, and has been turning her nose up at any cologne or after shave that I have worn for years. She never complained about them before and as I try to accommodate her situation, I find myself just backpedaling to a old favorite, Lucky Tiger aftershave and face tonic. I do enjoy a good aftershave or cologne, but am resigned to a “less-than-stellar” scent because it’s light and she can handle it.
    Can you recommend a cologne that is light or airy but still masculine that my wife might enjoy?? Thank you kindly. Semper-fi & This We’ll Defend, Mike (A former “Rhode Islander!!!)

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