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3 (More) Myths About Shaving and Why They Are Untrue

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I’ve written a couple articles about popular shave myths, like about how shaving causes hair to grow back faster/thicker, or that thick stubble and sensitive skin are un-shaveable.  Here are three more myths worth debunking.

Myth: A Sharp Razor Blade Causes More Nicks And Cuts Than A Dull Blade.

This is just not true. In fact, a dull blade can cause more nicks and cuts because you have to apply more pressure to the skin in order to get a close shave. Replace your blade often. Clean your razor (cleaning your razor after every use helps prevent bacteria from multiplying and causing razor burn or other skin problems).

Myth: You Can’t Shave if You Have Sensitive Skin

There is a myth that shaving causes more skin problems for those with sensitive skin. This is not true. You can shave if you have sensitive skin, you just may need to be a little more careful about it:

  • Cleanse and hydrate the area well.
  • Use a really good shave cream or shave soap.
  • Use a razor with as few blades as necessary (like one!) to get the job done, and make sure the blade is sharp and clean.
  • Reduce the stubble in stages.
  • Take care of your skin after shaving.

Myth: Use Hot Water When Shaving.

It’s true that warm/hot water will prepare the skin for shaving more quickly but any temperature of water will get the job done.

Bonus Myth: “If I keep shaving the same area, I’ll deter hair growth there!”

Uh…no.  Hair is hair and is governed by the same growth process no matter how much you shave it.  However there are shave creams that have ingredients that can interfere with the growth process.


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  1. Shaving my face has caused increased hair growth from my nose and ears🤪it’s much worse when the 🌝 is full. HNY

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