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Video: The Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream

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The Bluebeards Revenge is a relatively new shaving cream in the traditional style but with a nontraditional twist: it claims to reduce hair growth with regular use.  They are also taking an unconventional approach to advertising, using social media and viral marketing to get the word out.

And I think they have been largely successful with their advertising campaign: I haven’t seen any really negative reviews of The Bluebeards Revenge.  In fact I have seen several bloggers and websites that call it the best shave cream they’ve tried.  But I haven’t seen a lot of traction regarding their beard reducing claim, so I decided to buy a jar for some research and testing.

Bluebeards beard reduction comes from the use of a product called Decelerine integrated into the shave cream.  Decelerine’s key ingredient is a plant derivative of lauric acid called Lauryl Isoquinolinium Bromide.  This ingredient appears to be safe, at least according to the literature I’ve been able to find, though it is worth noting that in Japan its allowable concentration in cosmetics products is about half of what the rest of the world considers safe.  To understand how this ingredient works, lets look at the growth cycle of hair.

Human hair and its growth cycle is suprisingly complex, made up of many parts.  But for our purposes lets simplify the process by concentrating on just two parts, the dermal papilla and the hair fiber.  The first stage of the hair growth cycle is called the Anagen stage.  This is the active growth phase and lasts several years.  Next comes the Catagen stage.  This relatively brief phase of about 2 weeks is a natural, carefully controlled death of the hair fiber and the area around the papilla. Finally there is the Telogen stage, a resting phase of about 3 months where the old hair fiber sheds and the area prepares itself for a new Anagen stage to begin.  By the way, each individual hair is governed by its own cycle, which is why you don’t notice all of your hair falling out at the same time.

Regular use of Decelerine acts on the Anagen stage, weakening hair formation and growth from the inside.

The big question is, does it work?  The information on The Bluebeards Revenge shave cream say that results will be seen after about 30 days of regular use.  For myself, I started to notice a difference in my beard after about 45 days of continuous use: hair started to get noticably thinner and shorter.

So if you have a thick beard that needs taming and are comfortable with Decelerine’s ingredients, take a look at The Bluebeards Revenge shave cream.


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12 thoughts on “Video: The Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream”

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  2. Would feel uncomfortable using something that interferes with a natural process. There is no way of knowing any long term effects. Even topical agents get absorbed, and indeed, several medicines are given topically.

    Shame, the idea of not having to shave at all one day seemed quite appealing!

    Thanks for the review

  3. Sumit – performance-wise it works very well: lathers generously, nice lubrication, beard reduction indredient works with continued use. Very mild scent. Its not among my favorite creams (I prefer more strongly-scented products) but its in my rotation (understanding the the beard-reduction ingredients won't work with me because I don't use it daily).

  4. Sumit – Yes, it can be used without a brush. You just have to use more of it to get a decent lather.

  5. Rogain to increase hair growth now this to decrease it. When will people learn to be satisfied with how they are and leave well enough alone.

  6. According to the literature continued use will weaken the hair to the point of not growing at all (but they don't say how long that would take). My hair reverted to natural growth in a week or 2. I suppose if I had used it longer it would have taken even longer to normalize.

    There are a number of US retailers, including leesrazors, qedusa, bullgoose, and even amazon.

  7. You didn't mention any online retailers for this….? Is it available in the US anywhere?

  8. Interesting report. Two smaller questions: how much does it reduce hair growth, and how long does it take for hair to revert to its natural growth?

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