Synthetic Fiber Shave Brush Trends

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Two years ago, I was member of a group of wet shavers who wanted to look at the new crop of synthetic brushes entering the marketplace. We wanted to see if there were significant changes from the synths we had used in prior years.  This article will not recap our work, but rather look at the growth of interest in synthetic brushes. None of us claim that our work changed attitudes—only that changes have occurred since our project began.

Does The Shaving Brush Matter?


If you asked me three months ago if the type of shaving brush makes an appreciable difference in the quality of my shave, I’d probably have said no.  For the dozens of shaving soaps, creams, after shave balms and splashes – not to mention razors and blades – that I’ve tried since I began this wet shaving journey in 2011, I had only used five shaving brushes until Mantic and I had a chat about this very topic.

Synthetic Brushes – The Maturing Market

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For a while now a team of testers have been testing synthetic brushes.   The results of these tests have been displayed throughout the traditional shaving community on various forums and blogs for some time.    The discussions of these tests, threads and blogs were basically three fold in nature. The first was individual evaluations of various brushes to see if synthetics were truly a viable player in the shaving brush market. This required the testers to obtain a large number of brushes to test and review.  The testing team noted that in the past three years especially there has been enough…

A Synthetic Brushes Update and Overview – Generations

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Last year Mark (Mantic), James SanSouci, Wim Bouman, Teiste Brito, and I, conducted a test of synthetic brushes.  The final results of the testing can be seen at the link HERE. In addition I developed a series of articles in which the origins and history of synthetic brushes over time.  The summary of this series (which provides links to the other sections) can be seen HERE. During the last years some additional changes and updates have occurred.    This led to an issue of how to identify synthetics against each other based on performance and fiber composition so users can have…

Synthetic Fibers – A Historical Perspective and how they Relate to Shaving Brushes (Part 4)

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This is the fourth in a series of articles on synthetic fibers and how they relate to shaving brushes, including a brief history of synthetic fibers, their development, stagnation, and resurrection in the market place. In the previous article, the discussion was based on how Nylon brushes were accepted in the toothbrush and in fact other applications but not for shaving brushes.