Kell's Original Hemp Blend Shaving Soap – Arabian Spice

First off, let’s get the lather out of the way: it hasn’t changed from any of the others of the same formulation I’ve reviewed. Quite nice. Rather thirsty, but the water gets put to good use in providing a lot of glide without thinning out much. A bit better than average moisturization properties for the skin as well.

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Kell's Original hemp blend shaving soap – Bay Rum

Kell's Original - Bay Rum
Kell's Original - Bay Rum

The too long; didn’t read (tl;dr for those in the know) review of this soap would be what my girlfriend said when I gave her a sniff after lathering up: “Nice, but weak”.

The lather itself was exactly what I’ve come to expect from Kell’s Original, very very nice. It’s a reasonably thirsty soap, so be sure to use plenty of water, but what water you do use should be put to good use in creating plenty of a luxuriously thick lather, providing good cushion and glide. It also left my face feeling nice and soft and moisturized after the shave. It seems I’m a fan of hemp oil as a soap base. [Read more…]

Kell's Original Hemp Blend Shaving Soap – Ancient Sedona

Kell's Original Ancient Sedona

Whenever I get in a new shipment of shaving soaps / creams, me and my girlfriend conduct what we call the “ceremonial smelling of the soaps”. When I got my package of samples in from Kell’s Original, it was the first time that we both ended up liking every single soap sniffed. So, needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to getting around to reviewing one of them for a while. [Read more…]