Kell's Original Hemp Blend Shaving Soap – Arabian Spice

Kell's Original - Arabian Spice

First off, let's get the lather out of the way: it hasn't changed from any of the others of the same formulation I've reviewed. Quite nice. Rather thirsty, but the water gets put to good use in providing a lot of glide without thinning out much. A bit better than average … [Read more...]

Kell's Original Hemp Blend Shaving Soap – Ancient Sedona

Kell's Original Ancient Sedona

Whenever I get in a new shipment of shaving soaps / creams, me and my girlfriend conduct what we call the "ceremonial smelling of the soaps". When I got my package of samples in from Kell's Original, it was the first time that we both ended up liking every single soap sniffed. … [Read more...]