A Short Sake Primer

Nigorizake "Cloudy Sake" with rice lees settled at the bottom.

When we was talking about article ideas for the site, Mantic mentioned that there was more to being a Sharpologist than just shaving…indeed, a pretty common topic of interest among readers here is the occasional tipple. And me being surrounded by great Sake breweries as I am, I thought I might muse a bit about this quintessential Japanese drink.

An Introduction to Japanese Hones, pt. 3

Nagura Slurry - The first step in honing a razor

  And thus I finally come to the end of the series! I apologize for the delay, but I hope that the payoff will be worth it. Just to recap, in my first article in this series (Part 1) I introduced a bit of history and trivia about natural Japanese whetstones, and in the second (Part 2) we looked at some of the specific characteristics that make these stones so very good for straight razor honing. In this part, then, I thought I’d give some techniques for using them…the good stuff!  

An Introduction to Japanese Hones, pt. 2

The Kyoto Natural Hone Association's Logo

Following up on my last article, I’d like to talk a bit more in detail about Japanese whetstones and their characteristics, especially the vocabulary associated with them.

An Introduction to Japanese Hones, pt. 1

Three large whetstones from three different mountains

I’d like to take a couple of articles to talk about one of my favorite topics, Japanese natural whestones, or Tennen Toishi. The subject is very deep, so I’ll have to skip a lot, but I’d like to talk about the history of these stones, their different qualities and attractions, and hopefully dispel some of the mystery surrounding them. For more information, you can always check out my blog, Eastern Smooth. Why whetstones on a Shaving Site? One of the most important things to know for those thinking about taking up straight shaving is, those blades don’t sharpen themselves. Average…

4 Feather Facts For Feather Fans

Feather 80th anniversary

Feather is a name well known to those in the Wetshaving gig…their DE blades are (in)famous for sharpness and quality, and their disposable blade straights are the only ones that anyone really takes seriously. Living in Japan, I feel a natural affinity for this company. Wanting to know a bit more about the history of the company, I did some research on the net, and contacted Feather directly to get a little information.