Non-Lathering Shaving Creams

Nonlathering shaving creams tested

Nonlathering shaving creams generally seem to be directed at avoiding use of the shaving brush, though I don’t quite get the reason for that unless brush ownership is a peculiar burden for some men, who thus can avoid having one. The idea is that you can apply these with your fingers. Of course, you can also eat mashed potatoes with your fingers, but I prefer to use an appropriate implement, and the same with these creams: in general, using a brush works better than using the fingers: easier to gather up the right amount of cream, easier to spread it across the beard, and so on. Even without working up lather, the brush is a handy tool: better than a spatula for the task.

I shaved with all these. A summary of results: [Read more…]

Anthony Logistics Vitamin C serum

Tighten up those pores!

It’s true, I spent the first 36 years of my life ignoring my face (insert joke here), washing it in the shower and leaving it be. But now, I’m starting to see a few creases where there once weren’t, and I’m wondering if I waiting too long to take care of my beautiful, beautiful mug.

So, it was a surprise to me when I won a Twitter contest by following Antony Logistics, and they sent me a gift bag of tons of product.

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