5 Shaving Lathers That Smell So Good I Could Almost Eat Them


Ever smell a shaving lather that was so good you could almost eat it?  I could make a “meal” of these 5 products:

Cocktail: QED’s “Bathtub Gin” really does smell like a martini or a gimlet to me.

First Course: Spencer & Devon Shaving Cream – Spice Scent, 8 oz. jar reminds me of an asian salad with mandarin oranges.

Main Course: Truefitt & Hill Shave Cream Tub – Trafalgar doesn’t smell like food but every time I use it I feel like I could be in a fine dining room at an upscale restaurant.

Seasoning: Speick Shave Cream smells like something I could put over a steak.

Dessert: Castle Forbes Limes Shaving Cream is an almost over-powering sweet lime scent that reminds me of key lime pie.

What shaving creams could you bury your nose in all day?

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  1. bruce says

    Applewel has aftershave sprays that smell really good. Plus I shave my head and you can spray them right on your scalp. Good for your skin and they have great scents.

  2. Rlayten says

    Not being someone who can afford the high end creams, I’m casting my vote for Col. Konk Limes. Every time I use it, I get hungry.

  3. says

    Perhaps I’m the odd man out here, but Speick smells noxious to me. It’s medicinal in a bad way. After the first few shaves I resolved to reach for the tube of Musgo Real instead.

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