(Video) The Muhle R41 Razor

[UPDATE: HERE is a post about the newer, 2013 R41 head that is not quite so aggressive.]

The muhle R41 is one of the latest in a series of recent engineering design changes going on through the double-edged safety razor world (in addition to new razors such as the Weber and the Ikon one-side-open-comb-one-side-safety-bar).  It sports an unusual razor head, a hybrid of the classic open-comb razor and the more recent scalloped safety bar design.  It has generated some interest in the safety razor world recently, particularly in some of the discussion forums, for not only its innovative design but also its aggressiveness.  Some are saying shaving with the R41 is about as close as you can get to shaving with a straight razor, using a double edged tool.

The new design sports fewer teeth and the teeth are set deeply into the safety bar rather than mounted on the razor cap.  The new razor head is a bit thicker than its older brother as well.

The Muhle R41

Open-comb razors have a reputation of being more aggressive than regular safety bar designs.  A casual glance comparing the R41 to a typical safety bar may look similar but the R41’s deeply notched teeth exposes much more razor blade than the mildly scalloped safety bar design.  By the way, the fit and finish of this razor is excellent.

But the only way to find out how the R41 performs is to shave with it.

The aggressiveness is apparent right away and careful attention to razor angle is important.  It’s easy to tell that there is a lot of blade exposure, but on the other hand it is not a harsh shave where you can easily feel the teeth like other open comb razors.

If you have used an R41 please comment on your experiences with it!

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  1. Tim Barrow says

    I’ve been using the R41 razor for the last few days, and have found it to be very mild. This may sound odd, but despite trying different shaving angles, I was still getting mild shaves. But I do prefer mild shaves, with 2 passes WTG, and DTG. It’s only when I tried a 3rd pass XTG that the razor started to bite. It’s a very lovely razor to use, but does not give as close a shave as I would expect. I did not find the razor aggressive, unless on the 3rd pass which I rarely do anyway.

  2. Mister Moo says

    I copped a virtually unused Muehle R41(rose handle) on Ebay for about retail less 50%; it arrived in the mail yesterday and I loaded it with a Personna Blue. After a shower, pre-shave treatment with Noxema skin cream and and lathering with Stirling shave soap I had a shave on a two-day beard.

    I have been shaving primarily with a straight razor for the past year and, otherwise, a ’60’s-era medium-aggressive open comb razor or a mild-medium Gillette Super Speed. I took three passes with the R41 (WTG; XTG; ATG) only taking care to avoid pressure beyond weight of the razor. I used traditional short strokes, skin-flattening/stretching and normal attention to blade angle. Post shave was a warm water rinse, a couple of cold water rinses, pat-dry with a lint free cotton towel and a liberal rub with home brew witch hazel/aloe/ispropyl alcohol/lemon essense.

    Result? Zero irritation and a smoothness equal to a straight razor. I am very impressed. Anyone wanna buy some nice old Gillettes?

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