350 Shaving Brushes Compared: A Buyer's Guide

A Guide

As promised, I have consolidated the shaving brush lists and commentary I have posted over the past few weeks (Semogue, Savile Row, Shavemac, Rooney, Truefitt & Hill, Simpsons, Vulfix) into one master list!  I have even added a few additional manufacturers.  Admittedly this is not a comprehensive list–I don’t think I could ever find ALL the shaving brushes on the market!–but I think this is a good start on at least a lot of the most-known brush lines.  You will see that some brushes have some missing information.  I tried my best to get authoritative information from the manufacturers: the responses ranged from helpful but still incomplete to being completely ignored.  Still, I figured partial information would be better than no information at all, so I included what I could.

I could not figure out a way of specifying the shape of a brush handle short of including a picture with each brush, which would make the list way too cumbersome to use.  I think the best way to use this guide is to narrow down the type of brush you want by general size, hair/grade, and price then go to the specific manufacturer’s site to see the shape of the handle.

The List

The guide lists current, standard brushes in the manufacturer line-up.  It does not include limited-edition or “new old stock.”  The “Loft,” Knot,” and “Handle” sizes are expressed in millimeters (mm) and are approximate.  The hair “Grade” is terminology by the manufacturer: there is no standardized grading for badger hair so this column is best used to compare grades in very relative terms.  “Price” is the approximate retail price in US dollars–note that actual prices from individual purchase points may vary widely!

To help you search for brushes I have a “CSV” file that you can import into your favorite database or spreadsheet program.  That way you can sort, filter, and otherwise manipulate the data to your heart’s content.  That file is HERE (right click, save-as).  Updates, corrections, and additions are welcome!  You can either reply as a comment here or email me.


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  1. Ken says

    I can’t help but appreciate all the work in compiling this list, but where are all the rest? I’m interested in synthetic brushes. This list seems to be the creme de la creme of brushes. I wonder if anyone can truly evaluate or compare brushes beyond their physical charateristics. Nevertheless thanks for the hardwork!

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