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WSP Prince Silvertip Brush

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Wet Shaving Products Prince Silvertip Shaving Brush

[Note from Mantic59: This post comes from Marty (“Fatboy513”), who emailed me his comments about the WSP brush he won and asked me to post it for him.]
As the lucky recipient of one of the WSP (Wet Shaving Products) shaving brush, I felt obligated to write a review.
I received the brush just before Christmas, what perfect timing! The brush I got was packaged nicely, however the box was not marked to identify which model it is. After reviewing the web site I found that I had been given a Prince silver tip (as pictured above). I must admit I was hoping for the High Mountain White Model that was reviewed by Mantic, but the Prince is a really, I mean really Good! shaving brush.
The first thing I notice about a new brush is the smell. Surprisingly there wasn’t any stinky new natural badger hair odor. The next thing I did was soak it in some warm water, still no smell, but wow what a water sponge it is.  I have used the Prince to lather up some creams as well as soaps, and I must say this beauty is a lather monster! While I don’t have a lot of shaving brushes in my arsenal, (4), this is by far the best.  After checking the price of this brush compared to other brushes on the market, you can’t gowrong with the WSP Prince.
If I had to rate this brush I would say :

  • Performance 10/10
  • Quality 10/10
  • Value 10/10

As always your opinion may vary, but I’m one happy wet shaver!!!
“The Prince” High Density Premium Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush on Amazon

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5 thoughts on “WSP Prince Silvertip Brush”

  1. Got into wet shaving about a year ago, using my father’s well-used boar brush and Bigelow cream. Using that as a first brush is like your mother’s fried chicken: it’s the best you know until you get out in the world. With the Prince, I knew the INSTANT it touched my face that there is a world of difference! It’s like putting whipped cream on (which it is, in a sense). I believe I could do a blindfold test between the Silvertip and the Boar and know the diff. Just sorry I don’t have more areas to shave. Tempted to shave my head again; not that much hair left on my legs (I’m 70), and after that, some hair you just want to keep. Shaving every day is a JOY. No bristle loss, for those for whom that is important. Even if there were a few dropouts, so what?
    What’s important are the bristles still IN the brush.
    Thank you for a GREAT product!

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