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Article in the Wall Street Journal about DE shaving.



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4 thoughts on “WSJ”

  1. I would like to have a store like it in Traverse City. One can get soap and safety razors on a limited basis. But nothing like this!!

  2. Ah what a great video! I've heard that Pasteur's Pharmacy even carries the new iKon razors. Goin to have to visit that shop sometime… it looks great!

  3. I felt that both the article and video were very … unfocused. Regardless, I appreciate the hobby getting some spotlighting. Thanks for the heads-up.

  4. Hi Mark. I felt some envy seeing all that shaving products available in a store. In my city we have the basics shaving creams (Gillette, Nivea, Palmolive) and not much more except L´occitane, Weleda. I know its near impossible, but are you aware of any vendor who doesn´ t work with credit cards (I don´t have one) and do shipments with other pay form? I have sensitive skin and the common products don´t work well for me. Thanks.

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