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Winner Winner (Winner!) Chicken Dinner!

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Or in this case…WINNERS!  After seeing the response to the latest giveaway, New York Shaving Company has decided to give away not one shaving kit…but THREE!  So congratulations to KindestCutofAll, Patman, and test4echo!


Everyone wins: NY Shaving Co. is also offering Sharpologist readers a 30% discount off any order on their website, plus a flat $5 shipping charge worldwide for the next 30 days!  Use coupon code Sharpologist at checkout.


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8 thoughts on “Winner Winner (Winner!) Chicken Dinner!”

  1. Not to be a pain in the ass, but the discount is only 20% off. Or at least that’s what I’m seeing now when I go to order.

  2. I just got the shaving kit yesterday.
    This morning I used the New York Shaving Company DE razor instead of my usual Straight. Along with the NYSC Tonsorial Shave Cream, Pure Badger Brush and Aftershave Balm.
    Loved their DE razor. It was like using a Squeegee. No razor burn at all. It shaved almost as close as my straights.
    The shave cream was great. In fact it was so thick that I had to use more water than usual to lather. This will end up lasting me a long time.
    The Aftershave Balm was fantastic! (No Arrggggh!, burn like you get from the usual alcohol based aftershaves). The scent was very good. Not too strong.
    I like my scents a little stronger, so now I want to try the other NYSC scents.
    Just needed to express my appreciation. So, again my thanks to Mark (Mantic59), and the New York Shaving Company.

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