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Why No "Mainstream" Products?

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“How come you do not mention the Body Shop, Kiehl’s, Jason’s Natural Products, and Jack Black (the grooming products not the singer), and also King Of Shaves in your videos?”

I choose not to concentrate on “brushless” products because they don’t particularly interest me. Don’t get me wrong, there are many fine “brushless” products: I’ve used Cremo Cream and Sharps Kid Glove gel for example and found they perform well. I’ve tried King Of Shaves gel and I consider it’s OK for a widely-available, mainstream product (IMHO). But these products just don’t give me the “experience” I prefer: warm, fragrant lather applied with a soft brush (I guess I’m a hedonist in that regard). And, frankly, most of the “traditional” products I’ve come to use perform better.
As a side note, there are a couple threads on the Badgerandblade forum regarding King Of Shave products. KOS’ president (owner?) joined the conversation at some points, which I thought was interesting (if you do a seach on B&B with the keyword “KOS” you’ll be able to find the discussions).


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5 thoughts on “Why No "Mainstream" Products?”

  1. They hand out life time bans like candy over there… I remember that discussion and thought it was pretty interesting.

  2. hi there, interested to read your brief post – glad you feel our products are good for the purpose they are designed for. my B&B experience was interesting, to say the least. a worthwhile discussion was going on, that everyone seemed to be enjoying, however, for reasons beyond me, i've been 'banned for life'. i have some ideas i'm working up, maybe drop you an email, see what you think? by the way, love the content, and humour, of your DE videos. best, will king.

  3. tyler- True enough; Body Shop can be used with a brush. I guess I was just making a generality with the other products mentioned. I’ll have to try it one of these days once my stash of products has been whittled down some….

  4. The Body Shop cream is awesome. I use it with a brush.

    I’m not terribly fond of the Body Shop brush, but it definitely isn’t a bad brush. A great starter I think.

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