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What Should My Next Videos Be About?

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It’s been entirely too long since I’ve done some shaving videos.  I think I finally have a handle on the new video equipment I’m using so it’s back to my bathroom studio!  Right now I’m working on:

  • Holding a Shaving Brush For Better Performance and Control
  • Stropping a Straight Razor
  • Finding Wet Shaving Products Locally
  • Loading and Applying Traditional Shaving Lather (this is a high-definition update of a previous video, with some things added).

What else would you like me to work on?  I’m taking requests!


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39 thoughts on “What Should My Next Videos Be About?”

  1. I think shaving in a New York taxi on the way to the airport would be a YouTube smash! As an added bonus, take shots of Yager between every 5th pass. “Dueling Banjos” would be the perfect soundtrack for this.

  2. Perhaps a ‘Common mistakes keeping you away from that great shave’ video. Based on my own experiences learning wet-shaving mistakes such as:
    * Being afraid of using, or taking as gospel, the prescribed amount of product. Go for a decent-sized blob of cream and load that brush heavily with soap.
    * Proper prep. Perhaps do an audio example of shaving poorly-prepped stubble vs softened stubble.
    * Being too eager to reach BBS, resulting in nicks and shave-rash.
    I’m sure there are lots more, just my two cents.

  3. I’ve always wanted to try shaving with a straight, but there seems to be a lot of things that go along with buying one.
    Strops, honing, stones… a video for a beginning SE shaver would be great.

  4. You haven’t done videos on Method Shaving in a VERY long time. You also haven’t done any videos on shaving soaps vs. creams, other than Mitchell’s Wool Fat, but that wasn’t really about the soap, per se. It was more about how to use it.
    Maybe some video updates on some of the new formulations from companies like T&H, AoS, Proraso, Geo . F Trumper etc…
    I personally like the one I just suggested above. I think it’s a much better idea and it should shed some light on why their product have been reformulated or if they’re up to par with the original formulas.
    A video on preshave methods. We haven’t seen this sort of thing from you. You could test out different preshave oils and creams and see which are the best or do a video on the different brand of moisturizers.
    By the way, will you be filming a new high-end shave anytime soon? It’s been a long time since your last video on a high-end shave.

  5. This head that head. Above the tie razors and Ikon
    razors. Everyone says this head aggressive this one is
    mild. Need reviews on these razors and their different
    head set ups.

    1. I can speak for the Ikon Bamboo 2 piece….the open comb side is moderately aggressive: the closed comb side is mild enough that you can use very aggressive shaving tactics with it…blade buffing against the grain, for example. Awesome razor, worth every penny.

  6. Ted Pettinicchi (TAP119 on B & B)

    Please make a video on how to trim/care for a goatee or beard. I use a Norelco trimmer with the 9 level adjustable comb and it’s just okay. It’s fine for keeping the goatee short but I’m growing it a little longer.

    1. Hey Ted,
      Have you seen the Goatee Saver product? At first glance it may seem a bit silly, but it’s actually a great idea, imo. I don’t currently have a goatee, but I strongly considered purchasing one a few years ago when I did.

  7. How about a video on the proper care, cleaning and sanitizing of DE razors and straight edge razors?

  8. If you haven’t done one yet, maybe something devoted to travel: using a shave stick, TSA regulations, stuff like that.

    1. I am not Mantic but I am familiar enough to help you with TSA policy. Here is a list for both carry-on and checked luggage:
      1. No DE blades, no straight razors. Cartridges/handle and disposable razors OK.
      2. No carry-on cream or liquid may be over 100ml (3.4 oz.) as it came out of the factory. You may re-decant into bottles as long as they are obviously less than 100ml in capacity (check the local Wal-Mart travel section for these bottles).
      3. All creams and liquids (inside appropriate bottles) must fit into one zip-top bag of one liter (approximately one quart) capacity.
      4. Solid items like soaps or brushes may be packed any way you like as long as the backscatter machine can see through the packaging (no faraday cages, sorry).
      5. Carry-on bags must be less than or equal to 9″ X 22″ X 11″ in size fully packed.
      Checked Baggage
      1. You may have an almost unlimited supply of any type of blade including DE, straight, cartridge or disposable. (airline weight restrictions apply, usually 50 pounds) in your checked baggage.
      2. You may have an almost unlimited supply of creams, soaps, liquids (airline weight restrictions apply) in your checked baggage. Please pack in zip-top bags to prevent spillage on to your clothes/cell phone/computer/etc. in case the top comes loose or the bottles crack (common at high altitudes).
      3. Please note that most airlines are charging for checking even one bag nowadays if you purchase an economy/coach ticket, usually $35. You can avoid this and the requisite tin-can syndrome by purchasing a first-class ticket, the airlines allow two bags to be checked for free if you fly first-class.
      4. If you are over 250 pounds I strongly advise a first-class ticket, you will not fit in coach at that size! If you are of a size in which you cannot fly in a single coach seat you will be required to either purchase a second coach seat or upgrade to first class at top dollar to fly.

  9. Hi, something I’ve been thinking about lately and on which I would like to see a video is the difference between shaving soaps and creams. How are they different/same? How would you lather them differently? How is the finished lather different. Would you use one or the other under different situations.
    A series of videos on shaving products (soaps aftershaves, etc) and equipment (razors, strops, mugs, brushes etc) might be interesting. What I mean is to make a vido about vintage products. On low end products, high end products, modern manufacturers. On particular name brands. Or maybe something like “Products Great Grandpa used” ,”Products and Equpment Grandpa used”, “Products and equipment Dad used”, and maybe even future products. I think that would be and interesting series.
    Anyway, just some ideas.

  10. I am interested in beard trimming/grooming videos.
    Maybe a series on shaving for boys…
    Perhaps a series on migrating from mach3 to straight razor from start to finish…
    Either way, Im sure we will enjoy them!

  11. I recall in a previous post that you live near the Van Der Hagen soap facilities; if you could get permission to do a video recorded tour that might be cool.

  12. Williams mug soap. It’s legendary, notorious, and infamous. Love it or hate it, it’s cheap and readily available. I think it works great, but it took some time to learn how to make it lather with just the right amount of cushion to go along with its inherent slickness.
    Plus the debates Williams stirs on forums are fun to read.

      1. I would like to see a video featuring the Feather Popular DE Razor, and a video showing the Turkish horse hair brushes.

  13. How about a holiday gift guide for spouses of wet shavers? You might show a few ideas in each of several categories (soaps, creams, razors, brushes, etc.) in a variety of price ranges. A written portion of the guide could provide vendor suggestions and links to shopping resources.
    The guide need not try to be comprehensive, and could focus on new and noteworthy gift ideas. Commenters could add their own ideas to the gift guide using a similar format (description, price range and source).

  14. Head shaving tips?
    I’ve been a slap-head for most of my adult life and have used an electric trimmer to maintain a #1 cut all over. I’d prefer to properly shave my head but on the few occasions I’ve tried it’s not been great.

  15. “Finding Wet Shaving Products Locally” gets my vote. Ordering online is fine much of the time, but sometimes it’s just a PITA.

    1. I also agree with Michael. Have you ever thought about doing a series of a trek across the US to find local shaving outlets and barbershops? I’m thinking something along the lines of Hello Harto (Hannah Hart is a YouTuber).

  16. Maybe not of interest to me or you or most of your readers, but many of our spouses or significant others… how about DE shaving for the ladies? Legs, underarms, etc. (I’ll just leave that at et cetera). Not suggesting that you videotape any techniques on yourself (though that would be hilarious), but maybe you can find a female guest author to do a post on DE shaving for women. If nothing else, a good looking model in a leg shaving video… I’m sure Sharpologist readers would enjoy that even if it’s not applicable to their routine.

    1. Yes. I have yet to have my wife even give me the “OK” to make lather for her shower shaving. I can’t get her into it, maybe I never will, but I think that would be a great idea.

      1. Same with my wife. I got her a good quality vintage Lady Gillette and the Lady VDH shower/shave bar but she’s never used it. Insists on using her Venus 5 or whatever because its quick, then complains about the knicks and quality. Go figure.

    2. Definitely second Dr. K on some techniques (and tools!) for the ladies. I’ve been DE shaving for about 6 months and have figured out how to handle legs/underarms/etc pretty well now based on your tutelage and the B&B forums (and a small amount of bloodshed). I’ve found that most of what’s applicable for men translates pretty easily for women, but there’s certainly an inherent difference in the hair we’re removing versus what you gents are shaving off, and what works for men requires some tweaks to work on a woman to get the same result. Also, a suggestion of what razors/brushes might be more appropriate for use by the ladies due to our smaller hand sizes and larger areas to shave would be appreciated. I still haven’t found a brush that works with my tiny hands yet…

    3. Yeah, I’ve gotten that kind of request before. Unfortunately Mrs. Mantic59 is reluctant to be on camera. 🙁

      1. Consider that many many many of us have watched many of your videos and find nothing wrong with us watching a man shave so often.
        That said, I think it would be epic of you to shave your legs and armpit hair to show the ladies how its done. 🙂

  17. How are you liking the Canon T3i? My friend has one; the video quality is extremely nice (tho the video files sizes can be quite large).
    Do you find the camera mic usable? I purchased a Zoom H1 audio recorder for my Panasonic GH2 setup. With a 14mm lens I can mount the camera directly to the bathroom mirror using a suction cup and shave like normal while recording a tutorial.
    I’ve got several topics that I would like to make videos about, but haven’t had the time; my new job turned out to be even more time consuming than I thought it would be, unfortunately.
    How to Make a Wet Shaving Video might be a topic others would like your insight on. I plan on making a video about it myself, but won’t have the opportunity any time soon.
    Definitely looking forward to any “new” Mantic59 video!

    1. How’s your progress with Straight Razor shaving? Do you like it? I find the idea of shaving with a straight romantic, but don’t have the desire to actually do it.
      I’m content with my DE results. Just my personal opinion: I think one should be shaved with a straight, not shave with one; but I don’t think less of anyone that chooses to use a straight-different strokes for different folks.

      1. I’m only continuing my straight razor shaves because of video demand, and practicing only on the weekends when I have time. There’s a certain charm to it but I prefer DE shaving.

    2. I’m lovin’ the T3i video quality. My only gripes are the relatively short recording times (vs. my HDV tape. but not having to load footage in real time makes up for it!) and the camera mic. The on-board mic just doesn’t cut the mustard: I’m using a lapel mic and I have a shotgun mic on order. Yes, I’ve toyed with the idea of ‘how to make a shaving video’ as well.

      1. My GH2 doesn’t have a recording limit, except the size of the SD card. I recorded a 2+ hr Passion Play in March with no problems. I read Canon put recording duration limits due to EU tax code.

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