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What Are You Readering Now?

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I was recently updating Sharpologist’s list of shaving forums, list of shaving blogs, and the feed for the popular Discussions section.  What’s in your feed reader now?  What are you “readering?”

If you haven’t kept up with the world-wide wet shaving community lately, here’s the full list:


Sharpologist’s Discussions feature has most of the English language forums (other than a couple sites with very low traffic).  Should I add the non-English-speaking sites?  Am I missing something?  Leave a comment!


Shaving number of blogs seem to have withered a bit over the past few years: there used to be more, and a lot more active.  Here are the ones that I know of that are currently active (at least one post this year):

Other Things I Read

My own personal feed reader has a few extra sites:

Over To You

What do you think about these lists?  Have I missed something important? Leave a comment with your thoughts.



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3 thoughts on “What Are You Readering Now?”

  1. The only two I read on a regular basis are badgerandblade and againstthegrain. I used to follow a few others but they seem to be relatively dead.

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