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Wet Shaving News Podcast For June 17

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This is the second episode! It’s fantastic to see the great amount of support we are getting from the community! Thank you all so much! This episode includes news, announcements, and an interview with Rod from Stirling Soap Company.  There is also a giveaway in this episode, so be sure to listen to the whole show as that’s the only way you’ll learn how to be entered! This is only the second show we’ve produced, so please bear with us as we get accustomed to some editing and production differences with our studio. Some parts of this show might sound different, and that’s an issue that should be resolved in the next show! CLICK HERE to listen.

General News

New Products

Dates Indicate Release Date (If Available)
  • 6/2 Soap Commander – Coffee (Actual Coffee)
  • 6/3 Knockout Shave – Smoky (green tea, black currants, bergamot, mandarin, musk, and sandalwood)
  • 6/10 Dr. Johns – Arctic Hydra ( Hydra with menthol) &
  • 6/21 Dapper Dragons – Festival (It combines summer blooming flowers, summer fruit, and an intriguing base of smoke and gunpowder to evoke the feeling of summer festivals around the world)
  • 6/21 – Coconut, Lime, And Verbena (Coconut and lime with woodsy and citrusy undertones)
  • 6/21 – Cucumber Melon (Light, refreshing fragrance)
  • 6/21 – White Chocolate Orange
  • 6/21 – Scylla (maritime scent with mediterranean influences).
  • 6/10 – iKon Shavecraft Tech
  • 6/21 – Barrister & Mann – (Sunrise has changed names to Solarion)
  • 6/21 – Soap Commander – Gusto (Raspberry Lemonade)

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