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Wet Shaving News Podcast For Dec. 8

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This week, Joe gives a short update on things going on in the community in our Dateline! show.  Due to a last minute problem  the full-length show was not an option, so I hope you enjoy Joes short show! My apologies for not getting a longer show to you this week, but we will have more great content next Wednesday!
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Show Notes Summary

Company: Trader Joes
Trader Joe’s is now selling a shave kit in their markets
Company: Arko
Date: 12/4/15
Recently there have been rumors that the classic shave soap/stick “Arko”  has been discontinued.
Artisan News
Company: Maggards
Date: 12/4/15

  • For those of you who were fortunate enough to take advantage of Maggard’s Cyber Monday sale you know who you are.
  • Maggard’s had some great deals on their safety razors, starter kits, soaps ect.
  • I took advantage of a safety razor kit and a few other items.
  • Maggard Razors were established in 2012 by long time wet shaving enthusiast Brad and his wife Cassie Maggard.

Company: The Shaving Shop
Date: 12/4/15

  • The Shaving Shop Online is now open.
  • The site features house brand soaps, aftershaves and handmade shaving strops.
  • Owned and operated by wet shaving enthusiast Peter Charkalis
  • We would like to wish Peter the best of luck and look forward to seeing his business grow.

Company: Wet shaving RoundTable
Date: 12/7/15

  • The Wet shaving Round Table has announced they will be changing production sites starting December 12, 2015 at 7:00pm EST.
  • The have decided to move to “” from youtube for a better listening experience.
  • For those of you who don’t know, The Wet Shaving Round Table is a weekly live stream show, hosted by several notables in the wet shaving community and features a weekly guest host who is well known in the community.
  • Check them out on Facebook.

Company: SCW Cutlery
Date: 12/4/15
A recent article in the South China post visits SCW a cutlery store that has been selling traditional wet shaving supplies and hardware for the past 66 years.

  • Located in Hong Kong SCW carries a wide array of straight razors, strops, and brushes made from all different types of materials,
  • Custom razors and professional sharpening service.
  • Article describes how they provide a service that is otherwise not available in Hong Kong.  
  • The article also includes a short how-to-guide on how to shave with a straight razor.

Company: Pinaud Clubman
Date: 12/4/15

  • Joe purchased the soap and tried it for almost two weeks straight,  
  • His thoughts.  Great Soap and all around excellent value.
  • Really enjoyed the soap and scent.

Subject: Stropping
Source:  Joe B’s Stropping Video

  • Recently Joe made a short video on a stropping trick to help newbies learn the fundamentals of stropping.
  • One of the main reasons razors lose their keenness prematurely is improper stropping .
  • In the video Joe takes a hanging strop and places it on a flat surface thus eliminated flexing that may “roll the edge”.
  • This method also greatly reduces the chance to damage the strop.
  • Check out the video, link in show notes.



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  1. The Trader Joes set looks like a good way for a wet shaver to ditch the canned goo, at a low price point. Does anyone have experience with the contents?

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