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Wet Shaving Links & News From February, 2018

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February was a comparatively quiet month in the wet shaving blog-o-sphere.  But I do have a few nuggets to share, and there are a couple of crowd funding campaigns going on that I think are worthy of note.

Shave Like Grandad

New Hot-Water, Warm-Lather Shave Process
Silly Things Overheard on Shave Street

BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast

Ep 205 – A Shaving Cream Tour
Ep 206 – Texas on Fire (With Str8S!)
Ep 207 – Expectations

Wegain Warrior

Free samples – a great way to try scents

Paradigm Shaveware Single Edge razor prototype pictures

A little too disposable – yet another old patent

Shaving Crowd Funding Projects

Razorpit 3.0
Phoenix & Beau
Angle Razor
Aveline Razor (for women)


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3 thoughts on “Wet Shaving Links & News From February, 2018”

  1. The Razor Pit 3.0 also was canceled.
    The Angle Razor seems to be the same as the Feather SS but at a cost of about $105.

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      The only similarity I can see between the Angle and the Feather is that they are both shavettes. They differ in just about every other way (materials, blade used, shape, etc.). Why not compare it to a $25 Parker shavette?

  2. Phoenix & Beau was a total disaster and they did not secure funding. They wanted to upgrade their equipment instead of going a BANK. How this was a worthy project is beyond me. There was a huge backlash and deservedly so. Who wants to fund a soap maker so they can buy more gear that they need to make soap! Get Real.

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