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Weird Razor

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I just purchased a merkur razor off of ebay. it was brand new in box, but the entire head of it was warped or twisted. it this normal for safety razors to be torqued?
Does it look like this?

Yes it looks just like it. I think it is a Merkur Heavy duty or something like that. For my first safety razor what would you recommend? My brother wants one too so I need to get another one anyway. I am on a budget though so I dont need anything too fancy. Just get the job done.
No, what you have there is a Merkur “Slant Bar” razor. The razor is torqued to (supposedly) provide a more “efficient” cut than regular razors. It does by design what a “Gillette Slide” does by technique:

I have a slant in my “stable” of razors and it is a little more “aggressive” compared to other razors I have (and more likely to nick myself). If I feed it a very high performance blade like a Feather it becomes positively dangerous: in experienced hands it can give an incredibly close shave but that combination is not for the novice!

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2 thoughts on “Weird Razor”

  1. “I don't think you know what that word means”

    It's not “literally a samurai sword”, as it is not a sword previously carried by a samurai warror.

    It's a razor.

    Though conceptually related, the razor is in-fact for removing hair from your own body gently, not bodies from their hair violently.

    I'm 😉 just bustng your blades. Merriam-Webster's Dictionary literally has a special note about the use of the word literally in hyperbole.

  2. Yes it's correct; it incorporates the principle of the j stroke in a straight stroke similar to the way a knife is used at angle and drawn to make a very precise cut. With a high end blade, this razor is literally a samurai sword.

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