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Video – Shaving Scents For Autumn

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[This post is sponsored by Mr. Beer We’re finally getting into the Autumn months!  The weather is turning cooler and and it seems like certain smells fill the air and trigger fond memories.  You can apply those seasonal scents and memories to your shave.

Autumn Scents

So let’s talk about fall scents.  I think a lot of people associate fall with the changing leaves on trees and for some of you maybe the smoke from burning leaves.  And the classic, widely available woody scent for shaving products is sandalwood.

To be sure, there are different variations of the sandalwood scent.  It can vary from an earthy dampness to piney to a kind of spice.  But almost all forms are undeniably woody.  And the prices for product are just as variable.  You can spend a little by getting something like Proraso sandalwood (in the red tube) or spend a lot more on something like Trumper’s sandalwood.  I should mention that the sandalwood shave cream by Taylor of Old Bond Street is consistently at the top of Amazon’s best selling shaving creams list.  Some other woody scents include:

DR Harris Marlborough;
St. James Of London’s Cedarwood & Clarysage; and

For those who want to recall a smoky smell, I think the classic scent here would be vetiver.  Some variations can be earthy-smelling too but the smoke is still there.  Cyril Salter’s vetiver is the most widely available product with this scent.  Simpsons also has a vetiver (“Vetivert”) shaving cream.

Beyond these widely available, full-time products there are seasonal shave products made by the shaving artisans.  These are limited-time runs of shaving soaps that really target the Autumn season, with scents like pumpkin, oak, and leather.  But you need to keep an eye on the artisan websites and grab them while they’re available:

WSP Pumpkin Spice Rustic Shaving Soap
Mama Bear Soaps Fall Leaves Shaving Soap
Mama Bear Soaps Oak Leaves And Acorns Shaving Soap
Fendrihan Shave Soap (several varieties)
Barrister and Mann Hallows Shaving Soap
PAA Pumk’n 3.14 Shaving Soap
Tabula Rasa Steampunk Shaving Soap

A Way To Make Lather Feel Like Fall

Along with the scent you can really enhance the Autumn shaving experience by warming the shaving lather you’re using.  One way to keep your lather warm is by using a shaving cream scuttle.  This is a bowl within a bowl, with hot water in the outer bowl keeping the lather in the inner bowl warm without watering it down.

But you may be able to get that warm lather with items closer at hand.  A large soup mug or latte’ cup can keep your lather warm by placing it in your sink of hot water while you shave.  A large soup mug or latte’ cup can keep your lather warm by placing it in your sink of hot water while you shave.

And there you have it.  A warm, luxurious lather with a scent that matches the season.  Now go enjoy your shave!

Sponsor Message

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