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Video: Shave Haul And Coming Attractions

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I got a whole bunch of shaving stuff at once so I decided to do a “shaving haul” video to show it all off and explain what some of it is for:


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6 thoughts on “Video: Shave Haul And Coming Attractions”

  1. Glad to seen this "shaving haul" video. I appreciate to have drop by reading this post; be back for more readings.

  2. Interesting haul. I am particularly interested in your comments about the blade oil, Eucris, blade sharpener, and skin fuel food.

  3. Yay! Mantic has a new video!

    Can't wait for the upcoming reviews, especially of the snake-oil blade-life-lengtheners. That's really the #1 benefit of DE shaving, IMHO…not feeling bad about replacing a blade when it needs it!

  4. Great stuff. Can't wait to hear your input on the stuff that keeps blades sharp.
    Friends at work swear that blow drying their blades after each use makes them last 4 times longer.

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