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Video – How To Shave With Glasses? [Sponsored]

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My eyesight has recently taken a turn for the worse.  It’s not particularly serious right now but there will eventually come a time where I will have a fairly strong lens prescription, requiring me to wear glasses all the time.  Now that I have to think about wearing glasses full-time I need to figure out the best way of getting a consistently good shave.

Since I have a “progressive” lens sometimes moving my head around results in a blurry image due to the way those lenses are made.  So I have to figure out a way of guiding my shave without moving my head too much.

One way I thought of is to use visual cues from the background image shown in my mirror.  That, combined with being more touchy-feely shave, might do the trick.

Let me talk fabout this post’s sponsor, for a moment.  I had been going to a local discount optical shop for my glasses but this time around I decided to try an online experience. has thousands of in-house and designer brand frames with prices starting at about $50.  They offer the same kinds of lenses that optical stores offer, including single vision, progressive vision like what I have, regular bifocal, and various tinted options too.
To help decide what styles look best on you they have what they call a virtual mirror where you can upload a picture of yourself and superimpose a frame image over it:
And they offer a 100 percent money back guarantee within 14 days if you’re not happy with the results, plus a 1 year warranty.
My experience with was straight-forward and fast.

Getting back to my shave, another thing I thought of was to use a hand-held mirror to see what I’m shaving as a reflection off the main bathroom mirror.  This seems like it’s a little unnecessarily cumbersome though.

So, for those of you who have to wear glasses with a strong prescription to see what you’re doing while you shave (particularly “progressive” lenses!), what do you do to get a consistently good shave?

Am I over-thinking this?  I admit I may be a little freaked-out from the discussion I had with my eye doctor.  Help me out here with a comment below.


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18 thoughts on “Video – How To Shave With Glasses? [Sponsored]”

  1. About 15 year progressive wearer for whom shaving is far more tactile than visual. An extended mirror, what we used to call “shaving mirror” of all things, can be helpful.
    You’ll feel a bit woozy for the first couple of days in progressive lenses. For about a week, you’ll be thinking about where to look. By the second month, it will be second nature. Don’t worry about it. It’s far easier than you think.

  2. Buy a fog-free mirror and stick it on the glass in the shower. You don’t need your glasses unless you are nearly blind. 🙂

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      Mantic doesn’t shave in the shower, it seems. Rarely even discussed, on this blog, from what I can tell.
      IMO, it’s the perfect place to shave. Total moisture. Makes the cleanup easier. And I can get the benefit of shaving after the shower (getting the face fully wet), and the benefit of showering after the shave (what I actually preferred before I learned to shave in the shower–again, the moisture helps here, too). And one can easily minimize the water waste with a showerhead with a drizzle setting, or flow control valve (which costs next to nothing and is easy to install).
      Many shower without a mirror (as is clear by reading the comments in this post). But since I keep a small mustache and beard, I need the mirror to make sure I’m keeping the shape of the beard intact.

  3. This is what I use to. A little annoying with lather on the glasses sometimes, but it’s easy to take of…

  4. Hello Mark, I’m in my 70th year and been shaving since 14. By my 20s I needed glasses. I use progressive lenses but do not wear glasses for shaving. The wall mounted bathroom mirror is too far away to be of any use for shaving. I bought an extendable arm mirror which I adjust to suit my eyes – a quick look at Amazon for”extendable arm bathroom mirror” will show lots of examples. Cheap and easy to install. Cheers.

  5. I have been wearing progressive lenses for about 25 years now (I am in my 60’s), I found that there is a learning curve for my eyes to get used to the lenses, now it is almost sub-conscious to hold my head in the correct position to see whether it is up close or far away. I wear my glasses while shaving, the only difficulty is my high cheek area under the glasses (my beard goes all the way up to my eyes), I just lift the glasses to shave that area. Try single vision reading glasses to start, but my experience is your eyes will train themselves to work with the progressives.

  6. I wear glasses and i shave in the steam room so no mirror just on my other senses.
    Do not worry skip the mirror and the glasses they just distract. Do a thorough prep and soap and as soon as you whipped the soap out of your eyes and nostrils make sure you use a mild razor with good feedback and a gentle blade. or a oneblade core which is almost idiot proof but could be to mild to your taste needing to upgrade to the genesis or an adjustable like the Parker variant on setting 0-1 if needed take a cartridge just to get the routine.

  7. I wear glasses all day every day — except when I sleep and when I shower and shave. Sometimes I shower and shave when my wife is asleep and need to do so with the bathroom door closed. My mirror is completely fogged after a shower with the door closed even though I keep the window open. Any glasses I would wear in this environment would be useless. So I shave using my DE by feel with minor visual assistance from the blurry reflection in the fogged mirror. I never have any problems. What I am trying to say is that no matter how bad your eyes are, you probably don’t need glasses to shave.

  8. Simply get a lightweight 10 times magnifying mirror. By holding it at a varying distance from your lathered puss, you can adjust focal length & you can leave your specs on the counter. There is a small learning curve.

  9. Dave Westenkirchner

    Have worn glasses since a kid.
    Just shaved and don’t feel any tips or suggestions necessary.
    This video seems like an ad for the glasses website than anything else.

  10. Mark, I have been wearing glasses all my life and have come up with a workaround. Try getting a pair of glasses with progessive lenses without the distance prescription on top — with just the mid-range and reading precriptions. I think you will find them ideal for reading, using a computer, and (yes) shaving.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Wayne. I had not thought of a lens without the distance prescription. I will definitely check that out.

    2. Actually, single-prescription computer glasses might work about as well. After using progressive lenses for about 5 years & hating them (for work, not shaving; I’ve never had a problem shaving with glasses of any kind, but I’m constrained to stand at least 18 inches from the mirror) I broke down & bought a pair of computer glasses. Peak focus is at about arm’s length, but I can see clearly from about 1-10 feet, with a very gradual dropoff at greater distances. Granted, I may still have a _little_ accommodation left…

      1. Computer glasses work best for me, too.
        I have worn glasses full-time for the past five years. Progressive lenses just don’t work for me when I shave. When I am at home I use glasses that were prescribed for me for computer use. They worked very nicely.
        When I travel I use reader glasses at 2 power and that works great, too.
        My wife has a make-up mirror that is 2X on one side and 10X on the other. The 10X mirror gives me a headache and does not work. The 2X mirror is not as good as the computer or reading glasses.

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