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Video: Lathering Col. Conk Creams

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A while back I wrote about Col. Conk’s new shaving creams.  In the article I mentioned that the “shaving cream has a ‘creamier’ and ‘softer’ consistency than most other shaving creams.”  That includes the look on the brush and on the face.  I got a few messages asking me for more detail on how the lather look compared to other lathers.  So I’ve made a video showing how I built the lather.

The southwestern sun shave cream is pretty typical of the line’s performance, though the other scents vary slightly because of their ingredient mix.  The first thing you’ll notice about the cream is how sticky it is.  As you dip the brush into the tub you’ll notice that the cream adheres to the tips of the brush’s bristles.   The stickier characteristic also leaves more of the lather inside the brush, where it can continue to hydrate, instead of building on top of the bristles.


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