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Video – Interview With Stirling Soap

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This is another interview from the Maggard’s meetup of earlier this year, with Rod of Stirling Soaps!

Rod discusses his business (time indexes):
The idea: 0:25
Their development and marketing process (in the middle of Arkansas): 3:20
Their creative process: 5:50
What’s Stirling’s most popular product: 8:00 (Executive Man)
Rod’s favorite Stirling product: 8:50 (Island Man)
Where does Rob see the wet shaving marketing going: 12:12


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1 thought on “Video – Interview With Stirling Soap”

  1. Thanks for your excellent interview
    With Rod of Sterling soap. As one of my favorite artasien soap makers . Being just on the late side of 25 years of wet shaveing , it was a treat
    To listen in on the cast . Thanks for the commitment in this excellent production.

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