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Video: Blade Numbers?

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I decided to do a quick video, partly to tweak some HD video settings and techniques, but also address a frequently-asked-question I get: what are those little numbers in the corners of some razor blades for?  The quick answer is, nothing that the consumer can use.  Its part of the manufacturing process. Coincidentally, Bruceonshaving did a pretty thorough explanation of the blade manufacturing process recently, if you want to know more.
Regarding the video itself, as you can see I returned to my “original” intro (albiet shortened), up-converted to HD.  I’m still working on how to put SD content in the HD format.  What do you think of the “frame” I made around the old video at the beginning of the video?  Anything else I need to address?  As I’ve said, I’m still kind of feeling my way through HD video.

A DE Blade


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4 thoughts on “Video: Blade Numbers?”

  1. Why did you blur out the Derby brand on the blades? I haven't seen you do this on other videos. You can see the Derby box right under the blade, so it doesn't really conceal much.

  2. I actually use this information. We all know that these blades are sharpened from both sides and I usually use the same blade twice. With the help of these numbers I know if I have already turned the blade on my razor.

  3. Looked at Bruce's articles etc. I notice they mention Feintechnik who makes blades. Under what label are they marketing DE blades? Would like to try some of their line.

  4. Mantic, I for one am glad to see the "old" intro still in use…. The intro looks good….. although the sound was a bit off and the boxes at the near end had blurry print. Just a few things to tweak…. Please don't miss understand your videos are very well done, my thanks for sharing them with all of us..


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