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Video: Ape To Gentleman, Transitioning From A Multi-Blade Razor To A DE

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How to use a Double-Edged Safety Razor – Part 1 from Ape to Gentleman on Vimeo.

The fine gents over at Ape to Gentleman asked me to make a video for those who want to transition from a multi-blade, cartridge razor to a DE.  I thought it might be useful to some of my newer viewers so I decided to embed it here as well.  I feel if you can start to break some of the habits you’ve come to use with a modern razor you will be better prepared to use a DE.  Part 2 will be next month and will focus more specifically on the DE.


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3 thoughts on “Video: Ape To Gentleman, Transitioning From A Multi-Blade Razor To A DE”

  1. Uwoiame – Most likely your razor/blade angle is off a little bit, too steep and you'll get the irritation you describe. Its common with new DE shavers. Hang in there, its just a metter of practice.

  2. Hey, I just completed my first DE wet shave. Your videos have been invaluable.

    Here's a quick question. First let me give you the context. I'm using a McJagger DE89 with murkur blades, and wool fat soap. I lathered directly to the face, and prepped the face with a light lather and then a hot towel for a few minutes. I was starting with, let's say, quarter inch hairs already, so i wasn't aiming for this to be a close shave.

    I've ended up with some irritation, and I'm not sure if it's razor burn or perhaps the wool fat soap. I've never found my skin to be particularly sensitive, but who knows maybe it's the soap. It's also likely that I simply didn't keep my technique clean.

    So, what could it be?

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