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Video: 7 Tips For Lathering MWF

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Yes, my newest video is out!  And from a production standpoint I think its one of my best yet (certainly the most complicated to make)!  Its on help lathering Mitchell’s Wool Fat (“MWF”) shaving soap.  An expensive (but many think worth every penny) soap that can give an incredible shave, but some people have trouble lathering it, especially if they have hard water.  So here is a summary of the video, seven tips on getting a better lather out of MWF:

  1. Use warm water instead of hot water;
  2. If you have a choice of shaving brushes, go for a stiffer brush over a softer brush;
  3. Soak the soap and the brush in the warm water for at least two minutes;
  4. Shake more water than usual out of the brush before you begin loading soap;
  5. Load the brush “upside down;”
  6. Load the brush heavily
  7. Build lather directly to the face.

Thanks to the various shaving forums and blogs I trawled to help me get these tips, and to (in the UK) for their assistance with the video!


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12 thoughts on “Video: 7 Tips For Lathering MWF”

  1. Thank you!
    This morning, I put some water on top of my MWF before getting into the shower. When I came out of the shower, the soap had softened just enough so that a few circles, with a nearly-dry brush, gave a very nice face lather.
    It’s never too late to learn new tricks . . .

  2. Hey Mantic – thansk a lot for the video and bringing that soap to my attention, got it delivered two days ago, first use yesterday and really loved it!

  3. Sweet. I also found that rubbing it generously all over the face like a shave stick, then lathering on face works great for me.

  4. Nice video and good tips. If and when I give "The Fat" a try, I'll be sure to remember them.

    One question: Is that a "Goodfella" razor? If so, how do you like it?

  5. Mantic,

    Can you please do a video about how to clean/restore old razors?

    I have 2 vintage razors that I know are brilliant products, but not sure how to clean them.

  6. I thought that the warm water with MWF had more to do with the melting temperature of the lanolin rather than conflicts with the soaps other ingredients. I don't know for sure though.
    Anyway, Yesterday I pulled out the Kent/MWF soap and gave these tips a try. I did in fact get some of the best lather I have ever had from that soap. These tips are solid!
    I was in a bit of a rush so the rest of my shave wasn't that great, but at least the lather was solid. I will have to try these tips again when I have time to get a nice slow careful shave.

  7. Now I'm wondering if more soaps work better with different water temps.

    Tallow soaps = hot water while others do fine with warm?

    Is it the temperature at which the fat is no longer a solid?


  8. Hey Mantic, great video! Glad to see a new one.

    I was wondering if you ever use any soaps from "Mamabear" and if so, what you thought of them.

    Thanks for your great work!

  9. Love the video as always Mantic… thanks so much. Perhaps for your next video you could do a feature on GEM single edge razors. I don't believe you have a video on them… though I do recall a video on loading injectors. GEMS really seem to be picking up in popularity lately on B&B and other forums and I was in the traditional wet shaving game for almost a year before I even realized the GEMS were out there! Thanks again.

  10. Great video Mantic! That one was worth the extra wait. Now I'm eager to give those tips a try with my Kent soap tomorrow.

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