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Update On Rockwell Razors

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As I mentioned last week I was able to shave with the Rockwell Razor prototype.  I have a few more shaves with it under my belt now.
My first impression using the razor is that is has a good, solid feel.  It’s pretty well balanced, too.
My biggest concern was if the size of the base plate would be too big for those difficult to shave places like under the nose.  It turned out to be no problem at all, and I was able to get into tight areas without any trouble.
I tried most of the base plate settings and they all worked as expected.  While I found that it is possible to change base plates during a shave, the Rockwell isn’t really meant to be adjusted on the fly in the same way as, say, a Merkur Progress.  That’s OK though, because I think it’s an apples to oranges comparison anyway.
The bottom line is the Rockwell Razor is a great idea and the prototype I shaved with proved the concept.  I encourage you to follow along with their kickstarter campaign.


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7 thoughts on “Update On Rockwell Razors”

  1. I decided to take the plunge and bought a Rockwell Razor. It arrived about a week ago. First impressions are that it works well, is nicely balanced and provides a variety of levels of aggressiveness.
    More to come once I’ve had a chance to check it out some more.

  2. Thanks for the articles on the Rockwell razor, I funded on this project for several reasons, 1. as a retired Millwright I found the design and idea unique and workable, it seems to be a very proper and modern upgrade to the DE razor.
    The materials are first class, the design and versatility and durability seem exceptional. I was so taken by the design that I also ordered a second one so my wife could also experience a real shave. I do note that the female use of the razor is totally ignored and I feel they are missing out on the female market at lest for now.
    it is December 10 2014 and I have not yet received my razors and am in bad need of a shave as my two other DE razors are not satisfactory for my face. I am checking the mailbox every day.
    I have ordered a fair sample of DE blades ranging from Feather to Wilkinson Sword with Feather being listed as the sharpest and Wilkinson being the least sharp of them according to your listing in other articles. I am happy someone decided to approach a program of R&D to make a good item better and more versatile for the wet shaver.
    I truly like the idea of being able to have 6 levels of aggressiveness in one compact device. These young men did a good job of using designs that allow a user to also use vintage parts of 3 piece razors which allows the owner to be able to create that perfect combination using parts from vintage razors of the past. I am looking forward to passing this razor down to generations, who knows in 100 years perhaps on what ever auction or resell system exist in 2114 and ad might read ” Antique original production Rockwell Razor, used extensively but in as new condition. I will post results after my first shave, and I hope to be the first from Alaska to review this product. 🙂

  3. Looks good to me, enought to get on the bandwagon. December cannot roll around quick enough! Maybe 304 or 316L steel? Nto sure, but interesting to find out. Will be a squeeze in (stamped) after forging I would think.

  4. It’s an adjustable 3 piece razor system. Not the same as an adjustable razor. It’s forged stainless steel. I would like to know what grade stainless it is forged from.

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