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Travel Shaving

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Yesterday I shaved with Men-U shaving cream, using an Omega synthetic brush (very inexpensive, dries quickly after use, and fits easily into an old prescription pill tube for travel) and a “Mach3 Disposable,” a new (cheap) version of the Mach3 line. I can only describe the performance of the M3D as ghastly. Terrible shave: it seemed like the blades were dull right out of the package. If I were more of a cynical person I would suspect that it was another example of the accusation often leveled at Gillette, that they reduce the performance of older products on purpose to encourage consumers to go with the newer, higher-priced products. I should note that I have used the Omega brush and Men-U cream on many other occassions without problems.

As I mentioned yesterday I picked up a couple tubes of “The Real Shaving Company” shave cream. I also bought a pack of cheap Schick disposable twin blade razors. I tried them both this morning and got a MUCH better shave. The RSC cream made a nice lather–though the scent was a kind of anonymous, generic citrus–and it performed very well with the disposable razor. I’ll definitely try this again when I get home.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Shaving”

  1. Killian- My wife is a great enabler. She had a coupon for the M3D and got one for me to try on the trip because she knows the hassle I’ve gone through with DE razors and air travel.

  2. It’s a little strange hearing you of all people using cartridge razors and disposables. I’m going to be curious to see how your other tests go with RSC since it is readily available here as well.

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