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Top Resources for Ladies Shaving

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ladies shaving
Wet-shaving has been a growing trend in men’s grooming for the past decade, but for women the movement is just beginning. For anyone who is already enjoying the hobby, you know the awesome benefits and amazing variety of options. It’s better for your skin, the environment, your bottom line, and quite honestly, it’s more fun! For those just getting started, information for ladies shaving can seem hard to find.

My Resources

Since beginning to wet-shave in 2010, I  have amassed many resources which can educate, empower and set you up for success on your journey into your new way of grooming.  There are several formats which can connect your experience to what you desire to learn.
Here are the top resources for Ladies Shaving:


Forums can be a great way to connect with shavers all over the world.  You can ask questions, read reviews and interact with experts who can help answer all your questions.  Remember: forums are all about opinions – take them (opinions) with a grain of salt and factor in your skin type and remember Your Mileage May Vary! – Created as a place for female shavers to unite and share their shaving experiences and ask questions. – Another great source for Q & A with lots of contributors.  It’s a great forum but easy to get lost with all the amazing content, be sure to bookmark your favorite posts!


As a beginner, education can be just the thing to help you start to feel comfortable. Watching another person shave can be inspirational and fact filled.  When I was new to the hobby I watched angles, heard about pressure and products.  Educational sites can be set up in a variety of different ways including blogs and social media. – With new content being added weekly, SLS is hyper-focused on wet shaving education and supporting shavers around the globe.  Stop by to see shaving reviews, interviews and videos designed for men and women. – YouTube is possibly the best source of education for wet shaving. There are a ton of channels on shaving and technique.  Some of the best shaving channels for ladies are: SharpShaving, DermTV, & RazorEmporium. While you are there, be sure to stop by and see the fella’s shave – I personally learned from Mantic59 and GeoFatboy.  It’s easy to translate their shaving techniques from face to leg, be sure to pay attention to your Tangles! – A great article for Ladies looking to vintage shave and why the traditional method can be better for the skin. – Read the thoughts of Shelley GoodStein, a Ford model and face shaver. Check out her blog and find out why those in the know, shave their face. – Many people are offering Japanese style facial shaving called Dermaplaning.  Ladies can go into US salons and receive a full face shave!

More Resources

For those of you who love vintage, history and are ready to dive deeper, check out these great online resources: – I love history and marketing and Razor Archive is a must read, especially for those interested in Gillette shaving history! Read articles from the 1910’s forward and follow the evolution of ladies shaving – learn how and why ladies started to shave! – The perfectly easy way to date your vintage Gillette razor – look through the serial numbers, date codes and milestones of our favorite vintage shavers.

Get Your Gear

Now that you’ve done your research, you’re ready to choose your first razor!  There are MANY online sources for shaving – this list focuses on the retailers that cater to women (and have a ladies page). – Peter and his team at Royal Shave are standing by and ready to serve. – Cataloged on a single page, easy for ladies to navigate, you’ll discover female-centric new and vintage shaving items or have your current hardware serviced. – Petal Pusher Fancies owner, Frances, caters to beginning lady shavers and makes an amazing line of vegan soaps, perfect for sensitive skin.
Ready to begin? Now that you have the tools for success, master them and be sure to share your experiences with others just starting out – it’s the best way to grow our community. In 2010, only three of the above resources were available and with our help, it can only grow from here!

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Tiffanyanne Pisarcik

Tiffanyanne Pisarcik

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