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Tips About Men Facial Skin Care

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Unlike earlier times when being ragged was a mark of masculinity, in recent times women yearn for a well-maintained and well-groomed man. But while it is easy to get loads of info on women’s beauty tips, it is not so true for men’s beauty tips. To maintain male skin clean and healthy, it is not sufficient if men merely do washing and soothing. To stay away from dry, brittle and dull skin a man requires to abide by a simple skin care routine. Following, some tips about men facial skin care will be presented to help men have healthy-looking skin.

Cleansing your skin is a must.

Cleansing is simply as significant for men as it is for women due to exposure to pollution – cigarette smoke, car exhaust and different other pollutants by which the skin is damaged. Besides, men are likely to have thicker and oilier skin compared to women, and for the majority of men, skin is inclined to become oily all through the day in some areas. Surplus oil can cling to the skin, blocking the pores. Therefore, they require getting a cleanser that is appropriate for the individual skin type.

A suitable cleanser will aid in deep-cleaning and removing debris from the pores. Instead of using a bar soap that may dry out the face, a man should opt for a liquid cleanser formulated with cleansing substances which is apt for the type of skin – oily, dry or normal. If you prefer to purchase a cleanser with constituents particularly suitable to treat acne, find a cleanser which comprises salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide and glycolic acid.

Use a moisturizer every day.

Whether you make use of a light oil, a cream or some other product, it is always a useful idea to get your skin moisturized daily after washing. If you do so, your skin will keep its elasticity, holding it back from feeling awkwardly itchy or becoming too flaky. You should choose a nice moisturizer which is proper for your type of skin.

If your skin is dry, select a cream that has the densest formulation.

If your skin is oily, select a gel or skin toner.

If your skin is normal, get hold of a lotion that is less oily and more light weight.

For men with combination skin, you need to hit the sweet spot between the light and heavy weight moisturizers. You may want to try out a few samples of  products before you pick a winner.


Exfoliation is vital to do away with dead skin along with dirt which does not go away with your everyday wash. Exfoliation leaves your skin lighter and livelier. Another benefit of exfoliation is that hair follicles are softened by it, resulting in an easier shave and negligible irritation. For normal and combination types of skin, use a gel-based scrub or cream-based scrub to remove dirt from the face.

While its importance cannot be emphasized enough, it is strongly recommended to exfoliate only once or twice (tops) a week, with at least a gap of 3-4 days in between! Exfoliating too much may damage your skin and the whole point of it just goes out the window! Your skin is also likely to become more sensitive to the sun, if exfoliated unnecessarily. So, add it to your skin-care regime but don’t overdo it.

Use sunscreen.

Sunscreen is one thing that men are likely to ignore. You must use a sunscreen with SPF 30, as recommended by the American Dermatology. Heat does not cause tanning, it is the rays of the sun which ruins the skin color and skin texture. You should apply sunscreen on both your face and hands in order to reduce tanning and ensure the sunscreen is applied 15 minutes prior to going out so that it is absorbed better.

Prevent wrinkles.

Your skin around your eyes is deficient in oil and sweat glands, and extremely vulnerable to under-eye dryness. Eventually this reveals as wrinkles and fine lines. To stop this, dab a small amount of moisturizer around your skin under the eyes in the morning and before going to bed. Moisturizing this part is particularly crucial for men of age.

Moisturize the lips.

You require to focus on your lips also as they are susceptible to becoming dry and chapped very easily. You should use a lip balm to heal these problems; it will also make them smooth and supple. Moreover, were you aware that lips age quickly? As the time goes by, your lips begin to look cracked. Men do not get the benefit of makeup to cover this effect. So, they should use a lip balm to maintain their lips in proper shape. They may require using lip balm more frequently during the winter.

Use a high-quality razor.

Whether you are fond of being totally clean-shaven or wearing a beard or simply a mustache, you will require shaving some parts of the face every one or two days. Find a good sharp razor to perform the job, instead of picking the cheapest type you can get. The skin will look and feel better if you make use of a razor intended for a smooth, close shave.

Electric razors can be used if you do not require an especially close cut. You should use these razors on the dry skin.

A precise, close shave can be obtained with straight razors. If you choose to buy a straight razor, you will need a bit of practice to acquire the knack to shave with no nicking.

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  1. You mentioned that skin type is an important thing to consider. How does one determine their skin type? I don’t know mine but I would love to.

  2. Excellent post. I also think men tend to neglect facial care. My girlfriend bought me a facial wash that exfoliates. It has little bits of sand in it and feel great when I was my face. Should I be using this everyday? I am not sure if I am exfoliating too much.

  3. You should always use skin care products that are designed and formulated for oily skin. never use skin care products just like that as they may have high emollients or moisturizing agents then may clog the pores. Always use light moisturiser and skin creams which the oily skin can absorb better.

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