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Thomas Clipper – Another Razor Kickstarter!

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thomas clipper
Hot on the heels of Sharpologist’s coverage of the Rockwell razor and the Beluga razor comes the Thomas Clipper on Kickstarter.  The Thomas Clipper razor has a stainless steel handle with a chromed Nickel head.

Thomas Clipper Background

From the campaign page:
“Matt and Tony are good friends who share a passion for making something better: something that supports passionate and talented people, something that they would be proud to own and something that is built to last. Together they’re dedicated to bringing you the best shave you can get outside of a barber shop.
“Each handle is made to order in our workshop in the UK – yours can be customised to your glove size and etched with your initials (choose the Mark One Custom pledge level). The head is made by our Commonwealth partner in New Dehli. Our oil and cotton are produced in the UK and certified organic. Our engraving is done in a workshop near Leicester. You’re supporting skilled craftspeople at every stage of production.”
I asked Matt what he feels differentiates the Thomas Clipper razor from other DE razors:
“In short: we’re obsessed with design, simplicity and craftsmanship. There are no bells and whistles on Thomas Clipper razors: we embrace the elegance and simplicity of DE shaving. Because of that we think they are the best looking and best shaving razors on the market. And, having shaved DE for the majority of my face-hairy life, I think that’s what’s important.
“So we set out to build razors that put simple design first. Our Mark One is almost industrial, but with a beautiful individually crafted finish and an organic curve for precision shaving at the top. The Mark K is more complex, and a real test of skill to make (it takes a three step lathing process) but the design is like nothing else on the market. Incidentally it also shaves brilliantly…. But to be honest the weight of the solid stainless steel bodies on all the TC razors make for a wonderful shave – and they feel exceptionally well made when you pick them up. Obviously that’s awfully tricky to communicate in a Kickstarter video – we’re new to this so I’m sure we could have done it better!
“For me that craftsmanship story is so exciting – our razors are made one by one in this workshop by a chap called Nigel who also had a really key role in the design of the product. It’s like that with the head (New Dehli) the oil (Stratford) and the flannel (Devon) too – everybody has been chosen because of their ability, but also because of their passion – and let’s be honest, not everyone is willing to prototype difficult things like I’m asking for.”

Shaving Oil Too

The Kickstarter campaign also includes and organic shaving oil: “A completely organic razor oil that has an active ingredient to reduce razor rash…”
Check out the Thomas Clipper kickstarter page for more information.  They are close to their campaign goal!
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2 thoughts on “Thomas Clipper – Another Razor Kickstarter!”

  1. I don’t get it. A steel handle with a chromed nickel head? Why not all stainless? It’s definitely not an all stainless steel razor like Feather, ATT or Rockwell. And made in India? Plus a bunch of accessories no better than you could assemble yourself? Unless you think the design is unusually spectacular, this seems like same old same old with all the uncertainty of a Kickstarter. You can’t even be sure they’ll be around if the product has issues a year later.

  2. Thanks for the write up and the support – we’re trying to hit our goal by the end of the weekend so appreciate all the help. If we manage to hit it early we’re giving all our ‘blades included for a year’ backers an extra month of blades to say thanks.
    All the very best, have a fantastic weekend all.

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