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The "Upside Down" Lathering Trick

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3 thoughts on “The "Upside Down" Lathering Trick”

  1. I didn’t notice a significant difference in using this technique compared to what I usually do. Of course I hold my soap at a 90 degree angle to the surface of the counter so I wasn’t completely fighting gravity to begin with.

  2. Well, I tried this out with my new Valobra Fougere softsoap this morning. Some amazing lathering there….nice one!

  3. This tip comes in just as I was headed for the shower.

    Using a Body Shop synthetic with Proraso cream, the upside down method works like a charm. The cream really gets into the brush and works up as advertised. So amazing and so very simple. Thank you, sir.

    This goes on the refrigerator, along with:

    *double edge from recommending to hold the razor at its center of gravity and let the blade find its way

    *I don’t remember who spoke with an authentic Turkish barber who lets the skin roll in front of the blade for a closer cut.

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