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The Ten Minute Traditional Wet Shave

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My latest video, “The Ten Minute Traditional Wet Shave,” is now available on:


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14 thoughts on “The Ten Minute Traditional Wet Shave”

  1. As a birthday present my sister and brother-in-law gave me all the necessities for wet-shave (including a link to your blog). I just finished my first wet shave (my brother-in-law thoroughly frightened me) and it went great! No cut, took about 15mins and closest shave I’ve ever had. I’m just commenting to say THANKS!!!

  2. Thank-you for the video. It’s very educational. What type of blade did you use in the video? Butterfly…etc.. I’m relatively new to the weg to shave so I’m looking to expand my horizons. Thank-you again.

  3. Anon- I believe I got that particular razor from, though its available from a number of vendors. Google “weishi”.

  4. Mike- For me the glycerin and the deluxe lather about the same, though I think the deluxe may lather a bit more quickly. I use witch hazel as a final cleansing step: I find soaking a cotton pad and wiping my face picks up those last little bits of stubble stuck to my face and cleans up the last remnants of soap that might clog a pore later. If I was using witch hazel strictly as an after shave then I’d probably just splash it on with my hands and leave it at that.

  5. Do you find the glycerin lathers better than the Deluxe? Do you dry your face before you use the witch hazel? Is there a reason you use the pad to apply the witch hazel or can you just splash it on?

    I really enjoy your videos! I’ve learned a lot. Thank you!

  6. Anon- That’s VDH’s Glycerin soap (“for sensitive skin” according to the box). You probably picked up a puck of their “Deluxe” variety, which is also very good.

  7. Which VDH soap is that? The stuff I picked up at my Wally World looks more creamier. That looks more like a glycerin type soap.

  8. I’ve been wetshaving for over two years, and I learned something new here: the idea of taking 90 seconds or so to work the lather into the whiskers. That’s about 60 seconds more brush time than I usually spend.

    I’ll have to try that tomorrow morning.

  9. I've discovered a down side to traditional wet shaving. Despite picking up a Parker DE and derby blades (total <30 bucks and I'm still on my first blade 3wks +), I'm having a very hard time to resist trying new creams, soaps, splashes etc. Actually I'm joking. It's not a down side, rather a new hobby with lots of options to start the day right. All because I stumbled on to your website in a google search.

    My wife thinks I'm nuts, but she loves the result. Happy wife = happy life.

    Thanks for the good work.


  10. The return of the Shaving Guru Cat!

    I was getting a little sad this evening (ah, life!) but now I again look forward to making the tomorrow morning shave a luxurious entry to a good and hard-working day.

    I think this video should be carefully studied by people with skins problems and allergies – I have myself found that stretching the shave for too long can be detrimental to my skin – too much hard, chlorined water, chemicals in soap etc. And myself being my own worst enemy – doing to many strokes over a difficult area. Less time means less superfluous passes!

    I have lately added some physical exercises to my morning routine, I have less time to shave. But at the same time, I finally added a 45 second period of having a hot, moist towel put on my entire face (pre-covered with shaving soap). Paradoxically, it made the whole shaving process shorter, because the hair doesn’t pull that much (Feather blades do help, too).

    This video sums up most of what I have learned myself when shortening my shaving time and gives even more info. And it looks slick as always. Big thank you!

    Hm, does the cat often help you shave? 😉

  11. This is your best video to date. It will be very useful for newcomers to traditional de shaving. I also find it helpful seeing how you handle shaving the neck area. thanks, Nick

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